Saturday, July 03, 2010

4 July 2010 ... Independence

A little over six years ago ... wow, that's been a while ... I started blogging in this space. A lot has changed on a personal level (and beyond, for sure) since then. It's been fun. But candidly, I don't have the energy to keep it up. The marquis is broken (server issues with the fella hosting ) and my bells/whistles are not up to snuff. More fundamentally, I just don't have the energy/wherewithall to make this thing go. There's too much happening in the real world.

But I will still be around the internets from time to time. For those who care to follow or find me, well, email me -- dcutter-at-gmail-dot-com. Talk to "my people", and they will direct you.

Who knows? I may be back at some point in the future here, but for now, I can't see such a time. So, I am going to leave this site here as a museum of sorts of ideas and of one solitary Christian conservative speaking out on behalf of what he believed ... and believes ... during a most tumultuous and important time in our history. Maybe my kids will read it some day. For those of you who know them and feel led to direct them here, I would appreciate it.

One thing I believe in ... and I learned this from my Dad ... is America. I love my country so, to me, it's more like a love story and a relationship with the land I live in. I realize that for many (even those who agree with me on a lot of things), this might seem a bit much.

But I was taught to love my country ... because it is good, decent, and free. And brave men have inhabited this place since its founding. I stand on their shoulders and, as a result, have been able to see most beautiful things and have have had the opportunities to go to most amazing places.

No particular government or politician can dampen this for me. I fell in love long ago, you see. For those who think "love is blind", well, I guess you could look at it that way.

For me, though, it's just that I know the soul of this great lady America.

I am hers.

There she stands.

Yes, God bless America.

Semper Fidelis ...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 2010 ... still kicking

Six years ago, I started this project. I am inclined to keep it going, albeit it's difficult these days with work, family, and such. But I do wish to opine into the cyber-ether.

Plus, I have rented a space over at Goomba's. There are Eye-talians there, but it's okay.

Still ... I will probably fire this space up as we head into the fall. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, put them in the comments.

In fact, let's plan on meeting here on July 4 for a humdinger of an American birthday message.

Love to you all in the meantime, and God bless America.