Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Independence Day, America: We are not a government.

Happy Fourth, every one. Okay, this will now be my last post until next summer when I come of the BIRR (Blog Individual Ready Reserve) to make hay ... and sense.

But for now I would like to post a few thoughts and direct your attention on the internets whilst I am away.

The title of this post is as appropriate today as ever, it seems. We've talked about it here before, and a lot. (Too tired to dig up the link, so search it out if you must).

But here it goes: America is not a government. America is a nation. A nation has a government. A nation is not its government.

That some don't understand this, like they don't understand gravity when they fling themselves from buildings, is of no moment.

The American nation is fundamentally defined by those of us who share the American ideal at the core of our culture -- that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Add to that a border and a government, and there is your American nation.

Too many have forgotten this and think that America is all that happens in Washington, D.C. What a small view of the nation. What a small view of life.

I am an American. My dad taught me to be proud of this fact and walk tall. Think big. Whining is not the American way. But winning is.

The current goings-on in D.C. challenge our spirit, but our spirit should never be defeated. Rather, our spirit can not be defeated.

Truth is bouyant. Liberty soars. What are you doing down there?

God bless America. I love her so ... and all of you who love her, as well.

See you in June 2010.

Semper Fidelis,