Friday, June 12, 2009

News Flash: Obama and Demos say, "Give us your cigarettes!"

After all, it's time to stop smoking now, so cough up yours. Apparently, the "O" needs some more smokes. Never mind that he smoked then (all sorts of stuff) and smokes now ... like a chimney. Do as a I say ... or else!! Leftist is as leftist does.

Full disclosure: I posted this to be fair to the lefties who are upset that we put up pictures of Michelle Obama frowning, appearing after getting dressed in the dark, and preparing to enter the realm of Battlestar Gallactica.

Lighten up, Lefties. You've got the paradise you wanted. If all is well, then why so dour?

Because we are right!! And your heroes are not funny when they are trying to be and are hilarious when they are dead serious.