Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I was wrong about Obama

It really is that bad.

I mean, really. Where do I start? Obama and Co. are so in over their heads, and they don't have a clue where the side of the pool is. Alas, it's too long to post it all, especially these days.

Take a look at Michelle. I heard via People, Newsweek, the View and such that she was the happiest, sweetest, bestest first lady ever. I mean, she's in France and having the time of her life. Just look.

What gives? I don't know. Maybe it's that Judge Sotomayor keeps stumbling ... or that the world is going right while the U.S. is trying to go left and keeps nearly getting hit by traffing coming the other way. Left turns have to yield, you know. It's natural law.

Let us pray for a smiling, humorous, warrior who can ride into town and name names and help us take the government back. And no, I am not running for president.

Life calls me to reality, at least until we ramp up for the 2010 elections. Will we see some spine and conservatism on the ballot against the Demos next fall? I am sure hoping so. It's like fish in a barrel, if the Republicans are interested.

In the meantime, Obama and Co. can't tax my joy or keep me from laughing at them ... and speaking out. They are going to have to print me some more money to pay all the taxes they hope to collect.

We are bigger than the Obama Administration.


P.S. My benevolent little post appears to have stirred up the "forces of darkness" by daring to mention Ms. Obama's frown in making a serious point in a light-hearted way. It seems that still there are some who have nothing better to do than to troll this happy little conservative blog.

So, I cheerfully wish the President and the humorless myrmidons who support him well, and also the Empress: Mr. President, may the force be with you ...

I mean, he is going to need more than "the force" to explain this Londoner stunner ...

Will some one please spring for some lights for the Obamas, so Michelle will quit getting dressed in the dark?

Hey, you snarling little lefties out there ... Smile and show your black teeth with the burned-in cigarette holders. That's it. Lighten up. No one is attacking the Obamas' children or advocating same.

I mean, who wants to be demoted to an aging, vile, has-been, lefty late night host?

There's something to get fired up about, you lefties. Remember when you advocated women's rights? Oh, but that was B. P.. Before Palin.

Remember when you had a normal sense of humor ... and it was okay to laugh at such outfits and the clueless wonders who wore them out in public? I mean, if your crazy aunt wore such a thing, you would whisper and laugh about it until she left. Be honest. But don't stare at it ... My EYES!!! AHHHHHHH!!!

Stay strong ... until all lefties are made to admit that God lives, America is exceptional, and Obama makes George Bush looks like Abraham Lincoln.