Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year? I Report, but You Decide

Happy 2009. So will it be a good year for you and yours ... or not? Perhaps your inclination is to wait to see what circumstances will bring. My retort is that you are a lot more in control of how your year goes than the circumstances you will face.

It appears that a lot of my conservative and Christian brethren are down in the mouth, wondering how we are going to survive these perilous times with the Obama crowd at the helm. I understand their sentiments. This is why I worked to help get the most uninspiring Republican alternative since Bob Dole elected -- genuine concern about the alternative.

However, when concern becomes fear and then fear leads to paralysis, well, we do then become subject to our circumstances. We are, in fact, then the subjects of our masters -- the unfortunate circumstances that we fear and even loathe.

As for me, I refuse to live in such a way. Rather, I am going to face the Obama years with both dogged determination and a smile. I know that these days will present opportunities for me and mine to shine. The Carter Malaise spawned the Reagan Revolution, after all. Then, the happy-footed Clinton Adminstration led to the Contract with America and Republican control of the House for the first time in 40 years.

These sorts of opportunities are about to begin presenting themselves again. Of course, the country (and indeed the world) continues to face the great peril that is Militant Islam. My belief is that we'll see more realism -- at least abroad -- from the Obama Administration as a result. I think we have already seen a dose of this in his national security picks.

Here's another thing that really keeps me upbeat: My side is right. That is, I really get a charge watching post-modern lemmings charge headlong off reality cliffs. The global warming crowd ... the gay "marriage" crowd ... the "we need more taxes" crowd ... the "we can reason with jihadis" crowd ... and the "God is dead" crowd all find that facts are stubborn things when power requires their theories to be tested.

There is a reason why the left uses unelected bureaucracies and judges to push much of its agenda. People want something else; people want what works.

Sometimes I think that insecure conservatives just aren't sure that we are right or perhaps worry what others might think about us when we stand for what is right. As for me, I don't pretend to have the answers to all questions large and small; however, I do believe that I have most of the important stuff right. Thus, I don't fear the post-modern barbarians. They will win some battles here and there, but they'll fold ultimately. I will be there to watch it.

I refuse to waste my time wringing hands and getting down. There is a lot of opportunity in this time. So, let's seize it and make it our time.

Happy New Year.