Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Go Israel: As the Opaque Gaza Glass is Broken, We See Inside a Lot of Places

Go Israel.

These are my simple sentiments as the IDF proceeds with its ground offensive into Gaza. In the past, the Israelis have vacillated between firm responses and collateral-damage squeamishness in dealing with both Hamas and Hezbollah jihadis.

Here's hoping they see the operation through. Most of the world will always be squeamish about doing the dirty work necessary to defeat evil.

The Gaza incursion illuminates and illustrates, on a number of fronts.

First, isn't it interesting that the Arab and Muslim allies of Hamas continue to appeal for a cease fire when the IDF is on the march? What gives? If you've got them surrounded, why do you need help? If you are winning, you don't need the other side to let up. Whose side is Allah on any way?

Oh, hold on. These are the same nations that breed, house, and finance the bulk of the world's deadliest jihadis ... those who "boldly" commit deadly strikes against unsuspecting civilians.

And who do the Arab nations and Hamas appeal to? The weak-kneed former powers in the West. I mean, what a sight to see the terrorists asking the non-believing infidels for a little love. Seemingly, only America stands tall with Israel in these times. However, as long as America and Israel stand together in such a time, it will be enough.

Will Obama follow the lead of Bush here? Here's hoping. Maybe the Chosen One will speak on a difficult subject at some point. He seems to me to be overwhelmed. Maybe he is just worried that his cabinet won't survive until Inauguration Day. Perhaps he is preoccupied with a government stimulus. Keep the check, Mr. Pres.-elect.

But back to Israel, why should it care ... or any one else ... what people think about its decision to defend itself? The Israelis have every right. Who cares what jihadi-sympathizing protesters and governments cowed by militants say?

If Mexico or Canada were lobbing missiles over the border, we likely wouldn't take a poll of world opinion.

Harry Reid might. But most of us wouldn't. We'd just go.

Go Israel.