Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chin up, Conservatives: God Still Controls the Weather and Hell is, in Fact, Freezing Over

Let's get this straight.

Snow in my home town of Houston. Snow in New Orleans. Snow in Vegas.

Snow in Malibu? Wow, can you imagine what a cold snap it takes for it to be so cold everywhere while the earth is burning up? Global warming could be saving us from another Ice Age. It's truly remarkable.

All of this makes me smile and recall again Who is sovereign and who is not. Man is going to burn up the planet? I sneer at this blind faith/ideology masquerading as science.

All we need at this point is for the insufferable, pedantic Al Gore to be found buried in a snowdrift in Memphis, whilst clutching a copy of "Earth in the Balance" in his frostbitten fingers.

The foregoing is merely a humorous reminder from on high that man cannot control the universe.

Speaking of the role of the Deity, it is apparently not the Rev. Wright, but rather Rick Warren -- the pro-life, pro-Prop. 8 pastor from California -- that will be giving the invocation at Obama's Inauguration. Left ... meet apoplexy.

Of course, Obama is still who he is (which is way left). I do continue to realize that.

Still, though, Hell is freezing over. And the libs are without coats in these conditions, per usual. It's ironic that Hell has to freeze over for the post-modern left to note that it may exist.