Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where to next for conservatives?

I want to offer a few thoughts for what I see coming for us conservatives as we move into the political wilderness that we face with the forthcoming Obama Administration combined with large Demo majorities in Congress.

I still remain upbeat. Life is too short to waste it being negative. I am not talking about ignoring reality in saying this, but rather embracing it. If people want to pout and talk about how the U.S. is going to the Hot Place because of this election, they can go right ahead.

They can't make me go there, any way. Lack of jurisdiction or something like that.

So, listen up:

1) The Demos are about to get tested in a way that a lot of them haven't contemplated. They are grabbing the wheel on a tough stretch of the road; they will get the credit they deserve for how things go. They've dodged responsibility for a long time, for most of the Left's handiwork is, by necessity, done in the dark. The testing of the Demos in the light of day is going to be good. Why? See #2.

2) Unless they moderate/change their ways, Demos don't have the answers to how to improve the economy (more regulation and taxes?) ... preserve the culture (Prop. 8, any one?) ... or defend the nation (closing Guantanamo and leaving Iraq are the centerpieces of a muscular foreign policy?). Americans don't like much of the Demos' agenda; that's why they hide it and masquerade as tax-cutters and such during national campaigns. Still, the Hard Left Lemmings want to run over the cliff and drag Obama with them. Here's the Demos' problem: Either they wise up and stay in power or they govern as the Demos they are and they go home. Lemmings wishing for wings meet gravity. Works every time.

3) Republicans in Congress should now focus on conservative ideas rather than the next election. I like Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin. But, excepting the ongoing battles to keep Demos from stealing Minnesota' Senate seat and to preserve Saxby Chambliss's seat in GA, Republicans need to move on to what's next. The election is over.

4) What's on the agenda now is fighting the Demos in the halls of Congress and every crevice where they may be located. In doing so, let's get back to the spirit of Reagan, where we cheerfully fight the Demos in the arena of ideas. If we do so, we win. Plus, we get to smile because they are really funny, albeit unintentionally so. Think about it. Some of the best funnies in life are fumbles and noises in quiet elevators.

5) Here on Main Street, it's time for conservatives to get back to work in the real world. Let's live our lives like conservatives; that is, we believe that the government is not the end-all-be-all. So, let's act like it. Take care of your family. Work hard. Mind your sphere of influence. Make first downs. Watch out for your neighbor. Stand watch while your buddy gets some rest. Make it happen, day by day.

So I can get back to my real world, I will be pulling back as we hit the first of the year. Look for ye olden Christmas post (before they are outlawed by the Demos) on or about December 22, one bonus post after Christmas, and a New Year's greeting.

After that, unless/until circumstances warrant once again, I plan to be a simply be a blog reader/lurker/and, of course, a commenter at St. Nick's place ... assuming that GNN sticks around for a while. I am certainly hoping so.

And I will be making hay in my neighborhood.

What about you?