Thursday, November 06, 2008

So, where from here?

I am heading out this weekend to take Cutter Junior to a college visit and watch some football. Time to get away from the talking heads and blogs for the weekend. It's official. I have ODS -- not Obama Derangement Syndrome, but O'Reilly Derangement Syndrome.

Hey, Cutter Junior voted in his first election on Tuesday. He hung on the Republican lever, so we are still feeding him. And he got a text from one of his friends reminding all Obama supporters to vote on Wednesday. They are still lined up at the polls here in Texas. So, there is hope for the future.

I see that the long knives and recriminations are already starting to come out. There will be time for that, but for now, I think it's good to clear my head. I will have some thoughts next week on why McCain lost (because I think it is instructive to know exactly why), and more importantly, where we go from here. As Joe Biden would say, in three words, "It's going to be okay, folks."

Can you imagine if Sarah Palin had said 10% of the outrageous things that Joe the Biden said? But I digress.

As for posting as we head into the rebuilding of the conservative movement and Republican Party, well, my agent and I will have a statement on that later. A press conference? Nah, I am not talking to the media, including Fox. I will tell you, though.

Hey, the sun has come up two days in a row now since Obama was elected. We are going to make it. Keep your heads up, your hearts right, and your smiles on.

I will talk to you early next week.

Update: In case you haven't noticed, the Goomba News Network has returned, at least for now. The mercurial descendents of Goomba make appearances from time to time. This time, Goomba News showed up just in time to tip the election to Obama. Let's hope GNN sticks around, any way.

Speaking of which, I was wondering ... Does Goomba work for Reuters?