Monday, November 03, 2008

Odiousness in Full Flower: B.O. Flips off War Hero

Take a look.

Well, he can't be all bad. He flipped off Hillary, too.

But seriously, this is what people are thinking about going for? Obama is clueless and classless, and our nation will be diminished by having him elected as president. Note the two clownesses in the back howling at B.O.'s antics. Oh, that's so cute when a candidate for president shoots another candidate the finger.

Let me tell you what I really think: The Obama Campaign is a steaming pile of fetid defication ... on a good day. He showed no respect for Hillary Clinton, and it's the same thing now with John McCain. We are lucky to have His Eminence shining down on us, you see. Those who dare to question the Great Ob are scared off with a few fake lighting bolts, a middle-finger salute, etc.

B.O. thinks he has it won. But he just proves over and over again that he just stinks.