Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Here's wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. We've still got a lot to be thankful for. Hey, can you believe that Pres.-Elect Obama is keeping Robert Gates on as Sec. of Defense? And he's hiring a retired Marine general as his National Security Advisor? I wonder what he must have thought and learned when he sat down with Pres. Bush and got his intelligence briefings.

Kudos to Obama for these smart moves. They address my first concern about him: Will he be committed and effective in protecting the country? He's still Obama, of course, but hey ... just consider the Kos Kid reaction to keeping the architect of The Surge around to wreak havoc on jihadis in Afghanistan. Consider it, and then be thankful.

Obama is also adding people to his economic team who actually believe in the free market. What gives? I am not completely sure, but hey, again, I am thankful. It's funny to to think about true blue lefties feeling had. Who knew that The O had a little McCain in him? I am sure we'll see some true believer-lefties in full flower eventually in the Obama Administration, and we do have the Holder pick, but I must admit ... I am surprised (and pleasantly so) by Obama's first round of picks.

Don't worry. I am not going to let down my guard. We still sleep with one eye open whilst the Lefties have the keys to all the national vehicles and are out beyond curfew every night. But we pause to recall that all ideologies eventually tumble headlong into reality. Then we find out what really works outside of an Ivy League Discussion Seminar. There's something else to be upbeat and thankful about.

I love Thanksgiving. It is an American holiday where we pause and give thanks -- to God, not your public school teacher -- for His many blessings. In doing so, we also remember those early Americans bitterly clinging to their guns and Christian faith, and then surviving. It worked for the Pilgrims when their ideology met reality.

Speaking of reality, here in Big 12 Country, Thanksgiving means football, of course. Big 12 football is not to be confused with that lame, Big 10 brand played by the "Nittaly" Lions and such. It's the real deal. Players are big and fast. They lift their arms up and propel the football down the field in the air (they pass, in other words). Then, they catch the football and even run with it.

The powers that be (that would be ABC and ESPN) dictated that the UT-A&M game would be moved back to Thanksgiving, per the prior tradition. I liked the Thanksgiving Day game until I grew up. Then, I liked the bone that ABC threw me to where we could go to the game on Friday. Now, I have to watch the Horns on Thanksgiving Night on ESPN. Could be worse. I could be a Sooner fan watching OU lose to Oklahoma State on Saturday night (I think this is a probable result, so stay tuned).

For those on the fence, here is another reason to pull for Texas on Thanksgiving Night.

Good overview of the whole A&M psyche/mindset is found here:

Hook 'em Horns. Happy Thanksgiving.