Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Message: Keep the Faith and Keep up the Fight

Greetings, All. Well, we come to Decision Day. It has been rewarding to return to this post for these past few weeks and lay out 25 -- yes, 25 -- reasons to vote for McCain/against Obama. The case is overwhelming, from football to national security. Will we pull it off? It remains to be seen, but ... I think we are looking at a much closer race than a lot of the Obamaphiles have been willing to admit. There's a lot of stuff breaking late. Too bad we didn't see it earlier, but there is a lot of info floating around for those who may not be disposed to vote for the One.

Here are a few things to keep in mind today:

1) Pay no attention to any rumors, leaks, etc. that you hear while the polls where you live are open. This is really important, so don't forget. It happens every four years. We hear the leaks re: a Kerry landslide, Florida is called while the polls are still open, etc. We should be prepared by now. Just vote. Tell some one else to vote. Make a call or two. Send an email. Encourage the faint-hearted on our side. Stay in line, and vote. It's a privilege to participate in the government of the greatest country in history. So, go about it with thanks and good cheer.

2) Remember that, whatever happens today, we are going to make it. We are Americans. We are not a government. We have a government. We run this government, and though this notion may seem antiquated to some, it is still the case. Whatever happens, they can't tax our spirit. They can't regulate our minds. They can't make us surrender to our enemies. We will overcome the same way we always have -- with courage, perseverance, and fortitude. Few people that I know are more concerned about the potential of an Obama presidency than I am. But let's not act like we are beaten (or saved) because of the results of any particular election. We are bigger than this. We are Americans.

3) Have the spirit of a fighter. Prove the critics wrong. Don't let the MSM, the Obama Tide, political correctness, etc., keep you from what you know is right. Life is lived better when facing obstacles. It's harder but more rewarding. There are many standing with us today. Remember that. And remember the fighting spirit of the greatest military on earth.

If our troops were casting all the ballots in this election, it would be a landslide for the good guys.

Here's what they think about Obama:

Don't let them down. Get after it.

Talk to you soon.