Saturday, November 01, 2008

Day 23/Reason #3: The High Nine on the Potomac

The Supreme Court. Frankly, I am shocked at how many conservatives forget how critical the Court is, and how Supreme Court nominations are often a president's most lasting legacy.

Consider that Pres. H.W. Bush vacillated between conservative Edith Jones and some unknown judge out of New Hampshire named Souter. He got that one wrong, but he did nominate some guy named Thomas.

Pres. Reagan had his first two conservative choices to replace Lewis Powell -- Robert Bork and Douglas Ginsburg -- nixed by the MSM and their lefty allies in the Senate. Ah, this was before the rise of Rush and Talk Radio. Those were the days the libs want to go back to, but I digress ...

Pres. Bush has taken a lot of heat on seemingly every front. Some of it is deserved. I was out front opposing his initial nomination of Harriet Miers. But he relented and nominated Samuel Alito. Outstanding, outstanding choice. For Chief Justice, we got Justice John Roberts. Outstanding, outstanding choice.

Pres. Bush's nominations were better than his father, better than (dare I say it? I shall) Pres. Reagan, who nominated Scalia (who is the best justice on the Court, by far) and elevated Rehnquist to Chief Justice, but also left us with Sandra Day O'Connor and Kennedy.

With McCain, we would get judicial appointments to every level of the federal judiciary in the mode of Reagan and Bush.

With Obama, we would get judges who would promote the mushy idea of leftist "fairness" and would eschew interpreting the Constitution as written. We would have no law, if enough of these people are on the bench.

Remember, too, that Obama thinks that the Warren Court was not radical enough. They didn't engage in enough "redistributive justice", as he calls it.

Leftists like to (and have to) do their best work out of the daylight of the legislative process. If Obama gets to appoint 2 or 3 Supreme Court Justices, God help us.

Issues such as the War on Militant Islam, abortion, the Fairness Doctrine, etc., will all be on the table. Obama wants lifetime-appointed leftists to redefine our Constitution.

Don't let him do it.