Friday, November 28, 2008

Proving that I could be a Sports Blogger: If Texas doesn't get to play for the National Title, blame Provincialism

For those of you who watched Texas dismantle the hapless and hopeless Aggies last night, the message was clear: Texas deserves a chance to play for the National Title.

I was impressed by the combination of humor and ingenuity of U.T. students with their myriad "45-35" signs. Of course, the Horns won their annual slugfest with then-No. 1 OU, 45-35, on a neutral field at the Cotton Bowl. That should pretty much settle which team is better, one would think.

There were a lot of good signs at DKR-TexasMemorial, such as "If I thought 35 > 45, then I'd be a student at OU". I also liked the nice acrostic for the ESPN audience: "Every Sooner Prays No One Remembers ... 45-35."

This PR campaign is in full force because it appears that a number of the voters in human polls that make up a good portion of the incomprehensible BCS system were impressed with the "style points" scored by OU in its 65-21 national TV thrashing of Texas Tech. Meanwhile, Tech beat Texas on its home field on a miracle pass with one second left to play.

If the three teams (all currently with one loss) end up tied for the Big 12 South lead, the one with the highest BCS ranking will represent the South in the Big 12 Championship Game vs. Missouri, which Texas has already beaten, 56-31, by the way. If either Texas or OU goes to the Big 12 game and wins, then a trip to the BCS National Championship follows.

Given Tech's meltdown at OU, they have essentially fallen out of National Championship contention. Thus, the PR battle is raging between Oklahoma and Texas. In that regard, consider this fine effort. Heck, there is even a giant Facebook group devoted to UT's effort.

So, let me roll a grenade into this debate: The only reason that OU is considered to have a shot a passing Texas in the polls at this point is ... provincialism. Put another way, it's good ol' East and West Coast ignorance.

Around here, pretty much every one understands that Texas Tech is a much different -- and much, much better team -- at home, where they needed a miracle to beat a beat-up Texas team. On the road, Tech has been, well, Tech. It's been this way forever. Thus, my in-office prediction for the OU-Tech game was: OU 55, Tech 24. I was surprised not at all by the OU-Tech result.

Of course, Bob Stoops kept Sam Bradford in the game and winging it well into the 4th quarter to run up the style points, too. People around here are familiar with the Stoops (and Tech) pattern in this regard, as well.

But if your only familiarity with Lubbock and Big 12 football is what you see on ESPN or ABC, then you might not know all of the above. You might want style over head-to-head. Put another way, if you're an LA writer who is still wretching about the turkey being murdered in the background of the Palin video, then you probably don't know that there wasn't much style or surprise to the Tech meltdown versus OU.

My sneaking suspicion is that things will break such that the great campaign underway will get derailed by an Oklahoma State upset Saturday night. This, too, shouldn't be a shocker to those who are familiar with life and football in these parts.

But a little study ... a little getting out-of-doors ... a little opening of the mind is in order. Yes, Virginia, there are small-minded people in large cities near large bodies of water.

To be of assistance, I might suggest a little heavenly guidance. Look up and seek wisdom. I hear that the "45-35" crowd has rented a plane to fly over Stillwater (that would be the home of Oklahoma State for you East Coast beat writers) on ESPN Game Day with a "45-35" sign.

It promises to be some of the best aerial propaganda out here in Flyover Country since the Wicked Witch was talking smack to Dorothy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to All

Here's wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. We've still got a lot to be thankful for. Hey, can you believe that Pres.-Elect Obama is keeping Robert Gates on as Sec. of Defense? And he's hiring a retired Marine general as his National Security Advisor? I wonder what he must have thought and learned when he sat down with Pres. Bush and got his intelligence briefings.

Kudos to Obama for these smart moves. They address my first concern about him: Will he be committed and effective in protecting the country? He's still Obama, of course, but hey ... just consider the Kos Kid reaction to keeping the architect of The Surge around to wreak havoc on jihadis in Afghanistan. Consider it, and then be thankful.

Obama is also adding people to his economic team who actually believe in the free market. What gives? I am not completely sure, but hey, again, I am thankful. It's funny to to think about true blue lefties feeling had. Who knew that The O had a little McCain in him? I am sure we'll see some true believer-lefties in full flower eventually in the Obama Administration, and we do have the Holder pick, but I must admit ... I am surprised (and pleasantly so) by Obama's first round of picks.

Don't worry. I am not going to let down my guard. We still sleep with one eye open whilst the Lefties have the keys to all the national vehicles and are out beyond curfew every night. But we pause to recall that all ideologies eventually tumble headlong into reality. Then we find out what really works outside of an Ivy League Discussion Seminar. There's something else to be upbeat and thankful about.

I love Thanksgiving. It is an American holiday where we pause and give thanks -- to God, not your public school teacher -- for His many blessings. In doing so, we also remember those early Americans bitterly clinging to their guns and Christian faith, and then surviving. It worked for the Pilgrims when their ideology met reality.

Speaking of reality, here in Big 12 Country, Thanksgiving means football, of course. Big 12 football is not to be confused with that lame, Big 10 brand played by the "Nittaly" Lions and such. It's the real deal. Players are big and fast. They lift their arms up and propel the football down the field in the air (they pass, in other words). Then, they catch the football and even run with it.

The powers that be (that would be ABC and ESPN) dictated that the UT-A&M game would be moved back to Thanksgiving, per the prior tradition. I liked the Thanksgiving Day game until I grew up. Then, I liked the bone that ABC threw me to where we could go to the game on Friday. Now, I have to watch the Horns on Thanksgiving Night on ESPN. Could be worse. I could be a Sooner fan watching OU lose to Oklahoma State on Saturday night (I think this is a probable result, so stay tuned).

For those on the fence, here is another reason to pull for Texas on Thanksgiving Night.

Good overview of the whole A&M psyche/mindset is found here:

Hook 'em Horns. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where to next for conservatives?

I want to offer a few thoughts for what I see coming for us conservatives as we move into the political wilderness that we face with the forthcoming Obama Administration combined with large Demo majorities in Congress.

I still remain upbeat. Life is too short to waste it being negative. I am not talking about ignoring reality in saying this, but rather embracing it. If people want to pout and talk about how the U.S. is going to the Hot Place because of this election, they can go right ahead.

They can't make me go there, any way. Lack of jurisdiction or something like that.

So, listen up:

1) The Demos are about to get tested in a way that a lot of them haven't contemplated. They are grabbing the wheel on a tough stretch of the road; they will get the credit they deserve for how things go. They've dodged responsibility for a long time, for most of the Left's handiwork is, by necessity, done in the dark. The testing of the Demos in the light of day is going to be good. Why? See #2.

2) Unless they moderate/change their ways, Demos don't have the answers to how to improve the economy (more regulation and taxes?) ... preserve the culture (Prop. 8, any one?) ... or defend the nation (closing Guantanamo and leaving Iraq are the centerpieces of a muscular foreign policy?). Americans don't like much of the Demos' agenda; that's why they hide it and masquerade as tax-cutters and such during national campaigns. Still, the Hard Left Lemmings want to run over the cliff and drag Obama with them. Here's the Demos' problem: Either they wise up and stay in power or they govern as the Demos they are and they go home. Lemmings wishing for wings meet gravity. Works every time.

3) Republicans in Congress should now focus on conservative ideas rather than the next election. I like Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin. But, excepting the ongoing battles to keep Demos from stealing Minnesota' Senate seat and to preserve Saxby Chambliss's seat in GA, Republicans need to move on to what's next. The election is over.

4) What's on the agenda now is fighting the Demos in the halls of Congress and every crevice where they may be located. In doing so, let's get back to the spirit of Reagan, where we cheerfully fight the Demos in the arena of ideas. If we do so, we win. Plus, we get to smile because they are really funny, albeit unintentionally so. Think about it. Some of the best funnies in life are fumbles and noises in quiet elevators.

5) Here on Main Street, it's time for conservatives to get back to work in the real world. Let's live our lives like conservatives; that is, we believe that the government is not the end-all-be-all. So, let's act like it. Take care of your family. Work hard. Mind your sphere of influence. Make first downs. Watch out for your neighbor. Stand watch while your buddy gets some rest. Make it happen, day by day.

So I can get back to my real world, I will be pulling back as we hit the first of the year. Look for ye olden Christmas post (before they are outlawed by the Demos) on or about December 22, one bonus post after Christmas, and a New Year's greeting.

After that, unless/until circumstances warrant once again, I plan to be a simply be a blog reader/lurker/and, of course, a commenter at St. Nick's place ... assuming that GNN sticks around for a while. I am certainly hoping so.

And I will be making hay in my neighborhood.

What about you?

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Final, Definitive Election Post-Mortem: McCain doesn't love Bush. He just loves losing to Democrats

Okay, so I thought the picture was funny. Other than that, it wasn't the reason that McCain lost. Why did McCain lose?

First, let's get the lay of the land. Here goes:

The demographics in '04 were pretty much like the '08. Not much changed. Exit polling showed that the same amount of people called themselves conservatives and liberals, turnout was about the same as '04, there was no surge of new or young voters, etc. However, instead of a 51-48 Bush win it was a 53-47 Obama win.

Bush got 62 million votes in 2004. Obama got 66 million in '08. McCain got one in five Hillary voters, but lost one in five Bush voters. This was hardly a tectonic shift.

The country has not changed dramatically, but we had a decisive Demo win in the presidential election.

As for McCain, well, I've was against him before I was for him, but I want to preface what follows with this: I've got nothing personal against McCain. He will always have my respect for his service to the nation. However, his ideas and way of dealing with political opponents (Demos at least) have been experimentally verified again and again to be fundamentally flawed.

To take off on Carville's old adage: It's the ideas, stupid.

So, here's my take on what happened:

1) The Economic Meltdown (and McCain's response to it) -- The economic meltdown pretty much made McCain's chances of winning slim, unless he had been able to thread the needle with an exceptional campaign. For better or worse, most voters blame the party in power when the economy goes south. And they equate the presidency with "party in power".

To compound this problem, McCain's extraordinarily poor response to the meltdown was really the defining moment of the presidential campaign. First, he suspended his campaign. Then, he went back to Washington and got set up like a stooge by Demos in Congress. Rather than appropriately firing back, McCain pressed for Blessed Bipartisanship. Demos meanwhile stuck knives in his back and prepared to get as many Republicans to sign on to the bailout monstrosity as they could get.

If McCain had listened to me ... and Dick Morris, and Rush, and many other conservatives, he would have had a defining issue to campaign on down the stretch. Americans hate the bailout (thank God it has saved us, though ... ahem). After all, McCain even could have voted against it and not stopped its passage. He was in a perfect spot. But incredibly he snuggled up next to Obama and voted for the bailout. During this process, too, don't forget that McCain was wildly proposing things left and right on a near-daily basis, i.e., buying back mortgages, firing the SEC Chief, etc.. He railed against corporate greed and excess and couldn't find the heart and energy to go after the Demos who created the Fannie-Freddie mess that was a huge log in the raging economic fire.

Simply put, McCain didn't know what to do, and it showed. Obama just stood there, and he looked like a genius by comparison. Amazingly, McCain singlehandedly put to rest much of the country's doubts about Obama with his own erratic behavior. In such a time, a conservative would have gone back to first principles of the free market. McCain went back to first principles -- bi-partisanship and just doing something, ideas be damned. But elections and politics are about ideas. Election over.

2) Two Terms of a President in Power -- Two terms of any president makes it much harder for his party to win a third term. Pres. H.W. Bush pulled it off while riding the very large coattails of the Reagan Administration. Still, he only had to get past Mike Dukakis, who mounted a tank one time too many.

In this election year, though, we also had two ongoing wars, combined with the public's view that at least one of these wars (if not both) should have been won long ago. Given the aforementioned economic problems, we had a situation where it was tough for Republicans under the best environment.

3) Failures of both Pres. Bush and Republicans -- People were and are rightfully disappointed in Republicans. Republicans lost their way during the last 8 years as the supposed party of smaller government and individual liberty. Republicans in Washington seemed afraid to compare and contrast their views with Demos' views. Indeed, the positions became to hard to distinguish, at all. Republicans advocated open borders like the Demos. Republicans were supposed to know how to manage wars ... get in, win, and get out.

Given the choice between a real Demo and a Republican acting like one, the electorate will choose the real thing every time. Conversely, given the choice between a real Republican and a wannabe, the real thing triumphs every time. Why is this? Such a form of argumentation concedes to the audience watching that the "real thing" is on the high ground.

Of all the failures of Republicans, I think the most deadly one was the failure of the Bush Administration to explain itself, defend itself from critics, and particularly to explain why/how the Demos could get us all killed. The Bush Administration has done an excellent job in taking on the jihadis, but this was not explained to Americans. They didn't even try. If the Administration itself won't tell Americans, why should we expect the public to really know or understand how significant a point this is? Given the non-stop Bush Derangement Syndrome and toxic rhetoric utilized by the Demos for 8 years, a lot of things -- whether fair or not -- eventually stuck in the minds of many voters.

4) Ineptitude of the McCain Campaign -- The McCain campaign was rudderless, and it didn't even have a message of any kind until bloggers caught Obama on tape blabbing to Joe the Plumber. McCain's pick of Sarah Palin was a great move, but then his people hid her from the media. Palin and other conservatives instinctively knew that the Rev. Wright issue was important and could be pivotal. But John McBiPartisanship declared this potential silver bullet off-limits. Instead, there was a late run at Obama on the Ayers issue (a legitimate issue, but nowhere near the association that Obama had with Wright), but still ... the campaign never really explained why Ayers was so important, either. McCain himself made and repeated the inane statement, "I don't care about an old washed-up terrorist." His campaign crowds would boo him when he said this. I care about Ayers. I think he should be in prison for what he did. Most Americans had no idea even how Ayers beat the wrap. But McCain wasn't about to explain it. You could tell he felt dirty just bringing it up.

The myriad associations issues surrounding Obama should have been hit hard and relentlessly throughout the month of August and burned into the brians of voters. If they had been, voters would have likely been unwilling to view Obama as favorably as they did when the stock market melted down in October. McCain wanted to be nice, but Obama wanted to win.

Let us not forget that the McCain campaign was rudderless because McCain is a moderate. Moderates, by definition, lack rudders but unfortunately, they still like to sail.

While McCain was meandering Obama was focused and on message. McCain showed, once again, that he truly believes that politics transcends message and ideology to "get things done". (See his response to the economic meltdown above).

Such an approach "gets things done" all right. It gets Demos elected.

5) Failure to Run as a Conservative -- McCain left a lot of conservative ammunition unspent. Why? He doesn't believe in using it. He may have started as a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution, but he doesn't share a lot of the views of the Republican base today.

Some criticized Gov. Palin for failing to properly defend McCain's positions on issues, but who could defend McCain's views? McCain, in true moderate fashion, has positions all over the map. Don't look for the common denominator, because such an exercise is futile, a cruel trick question. McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts but then campaigned for them. He changed his position during the campaign to support offshore drilling, but not drilling in ANWR. Who can rationally explain this without reference to the need/desire to get elected?

McCain also refused to meaningfully espouse socially conservative views during the campaign, even though he ostensibly shares the same views. The country does, too. How appropriate that on the night Obama won that Nebraska also voted to end affirmative action? And Florida voted against same-sex "marriage", as did California. California?! McCain had an opportunity to win over many Americans of goodwill on the abortion issue, as well, given Obama's extreme views and support of partial-birth abortion. It was a golden opportunity to move this debate forward, but McCain passed. McCain and other moderate types are uncomfortable making such arguments.

This is why moderates have difficulty winning national elections.

6) Money, money, money -- How appropriate is it that McCain the "Campaign Finance Reformer" would become trapped in the system he created ... and then defeated by the Demo Machine that never was and never will be constrained by such regulation? Conservatives like me warned McCain that this would happen. Funny, but it was also conservatives like me who were left to defend the McCain campaign when the David Brooks and Kathleen Parkers of the world were going wobbly. That's the way it usually goes -- conservatives work to prevent evil and are then left to fight it when it comes. But I digress (slightly).

Obama's campaign openly broke campaign finance laws by failing verify credit card donations. So, contributors could provide unlimited credit card donations from all over the world. But guess whose campaign is going to get audited? You got it. The one that got the federal matching dollars. Good thing McCain got that $85 Million for his whole campaign because Obama raised that much in two weeks on the internet.

McCain and many in Washington propose new "reforms" without simply insisting on compliance with existing regulations. Conservatives know such an approach won't work, and we know that the Demos and their media allies have a huge advantage when we don't have the dollars to fight them off. We told McCain this during the Campaign Finance debate, but he got his way.

Obama's huge financial advantage was pivotal in many close states, and such a fiasco should never be allowed to happen again. McCain-Feingold is a disaster and no Republican should ever be hoodwinked again into staying within the public financing system. Sure, they will say we are trying to buy the election (like Obama just did).

They might even say other mean things about Republicans. Then, we'll track 'em day and night and put up ridiculous wind surfing videos of their leftist candidates and such all over TV in every close state and laugh all the way to the White House.

You commit to fight to win. And then you fight to win. McCain, for all his "fight" rhetoric, failed to fight to win this election.

7) Information, organization, and dissemination -- The Demos own the internet right now, and McCain's campaign acted like it was looking for that other internet that Pres. Bush referenced during his 2004 debate with Kerry. Where are you, Karl Rove? In addition to having an in-the-tank media, Demos got out their message via the internet far better than Republicans. In some way, leftist blogs have a structural advantage over conservatives, but we can and must be more focused.

It helps when you party's candidate is beloved by the party's base. Then, this and other problems tend to take care of themselves. Note that the "great center" doesn't do the heavy lifting in campaigns. (This is yet another reason why you don't tailor your campaign to such voters.) Hard to get excited when you can't decide, I guess.

Live and learn. There is a place for moderates to be elected in the Republican Party -- as congressmen, senators, governors and state legislators in blue states.

Here's the bottom line: In this toughest of election years, McCain still could have won. The loyal oppostion has work to do. But that work is rebuilding a party, and not remaking the country.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A quick note ...

whilst I am distracted from posting the mother-of-all-election-post-mortems. Note the exquisite timing, too, now that every one has moved on from the election back to covering Sarah Palin.

But seriously, you don't want to miss it. It's going to be really special. Really, it's not. But don't miss it. Probably tomorrow.

In any event, I was just noticing something. The MSM broke in from covering Sarah Palin with a snippet about how Obama's team is full of Clintonoids. The only two missing are Bill and Hill. What's with that? It is kind of humorous, if you think about it.

Hope? And change? Hope, Ark. and Change (Clinton Admin. w/o Clintons)?

And Warren Christopher. I am glad to see he is still alive, but ... is it just me does he look like some one just popped a paper bag in his ear every time he appears in public? Let the guy get some sleep and stop waking him unexpectedly, people. Can't we all get along?

Talk to you soon ...

Monday, November 10, 2008

10 Nov 2008

Happy Birthday, USMC. This particular birthday reminds me of the one I celebrated on active duty in 1992. Most all the Marines I knew weren't enamored with the election results back then. Indeed, we were shocked. Then, we were told to get our pre-election paraphernalia down. We complied.

Then, we went back to work. That's what Marines do. That's what the nation does. It goes back to work.

Today, the USMC is 233 years young. It's older than the nation, as we Marines sometimes like to recall and remind others. It's older than national politics, I guess you could say.

As long as we have Marines and Americans who share their fighting spirit in the large and small of life, we'll be just fine. Sure, we'll be outnumbered at times. Heck, we'll often be outnumbered.

But numbers don't decide battles. Rather, fortitude, courage, and faithfulness do. Today, the Marines are deciding battles as they have for 233 years.

Semper Fidelis.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

So, where from here?

I am heading out this weekend to take Cutter Junior to a college visit and watch some football. Time to get away from the talking heads and blogs for the weekend. It's official. I have ODS -- not Obama Derangement Syndrome, but O'Reilly Derangement Syndrome.

Hey, Cutter Junior voted in his first election on Tuesday. He hung on the Republican lever, so we are still feeding him. And he got a text from one of his friends reminding all Obama supporters to vote on Wednesday. They are still lined up at the polls here in Texas. So, there is hope for the future.

I see that the long knives and recriminations are already starting to come out. There will be time for that, but for now, I think it's good to clear my head. I will have some thoughts next week on why McCain lost (because I think it is instructive to know exactly why), and more importantly, where we go from here. As Joe Biden would say, in three words, "It's going to be okay, folks."

Can you imagine if Sarah Palin had said 10% of the outrageous things that Joe the Biden said? But I digress.

As for posting as we head into the rebuilding of the conservative movement and Republican Party, well, my agent and I will have a statement on that later. A press conference? Nah, I am not talking to the media, including Fox. I will tell you, though.

Hey, the sun has come up two days in a row now since Obama was elected. We are going to make it. Keep your heads up, your hearts right, and your smiles on.

I will talk to you early next week.

Update: In case you haven't noticed, the Goomba News Network has returned, at least for now. The mercurial descendents of Goomba make appearances from time to time. This time, Goomba News showed up just in time to tip the election to Obama. Let's hope GNN sticks around, any way.

Speaking of which, I was wondering ... Does Goomba work for Reuters?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations to Barack Obama and the Democrats

Well, we fought hard but came up short. We can discuss what happened and why (I have some ideas along the same lines as my main man Rove). But that is for another day and time.

Tonight, Barack Obama has defied the odds. Sure, I am disappointed at the outcome, but we must stop for a moment to recognize the magnitude of the achievement.

It started to hit me when I saw Juan Williams choking up describing how amazing the election of America's first black president truly is. Obama himself echoed it. This is is a great country. Let there be no doubt that a black man can achieve his dreams in America.

I sincerely hope and pray that I have been wrong about Obama. I don't think I have been, but time will tell. But know this: I am an American first, last and always. Unlike some, I wish the best for our presidents, whether they were/are my choice or not. I won't have Obama Derangement Syndrome. I am a free member of the loyal, conservative ... Republican opposition. I am feeling pretty good tonight, all things considered.

You see, my country has spoken ... and resoundingly. And I am duty-bound to acknowledge and respect what it has said. And I do. Hey, I even know some good people who voted for Obama.

So, tonight, let's pause and recognize the momentous achievement of Barack Obama's election. Let's hope this puts race behind us as a nation ... and for good.

Now, back to work. Saddle up.

Talk to you soon.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day Message: Keep the Faith and Keep up the Fight

Greetings, All. Well, we come to Decision Day. It has been rewarding to return to this post for these past few weeks and lay out 25 -- yes, 25 -- reasons to vote for McCain/against Obama. The case is overwhelming, from football to national security. Will we pull it off? It remains to be seen, but ... I think we are looking at a much closer race than a lot of the Obamaphiles have been willing to admit. There's a lot of stuff breaking late. Too bad we didn't see it earlier, but there is a lot of info floating around for those who may not be disposed to vote for the One.

Here are a few things to keep in mind today:

1) Pay no attention to any rumors, leaks, etc. that you hear while the polls where you live are open. This is really important, so don't forget. It happens every four years. We hear the leaks re: a Kerry landslide, Florida is called while the polls are still open, etc. We should be prepared by now. Just vote. Tell some one else to vote. Make a call or two. Send an email. Encourage the faint-hearted on our side. Stay in line, and vote. It's a privilege to participate in the government of the greatest country in history. So, go about it with thanks and good cheer.

2) Remember that, whatever happens today, we are going to make it. We are Americans. We are not a government. We have a government. We run this government, and though this notion may seem antiquated to some, it is still the case. Whatever happens, they can't tax our spirit. They can't regulate our minds. They can't make us surrender to our enemies. We will overcome the same way we always have -- with courage, perseverance, and fortitude. Few people that I know are more concerned about the potential of an Obama presidency than I am. But let's not act like we are beaten (or saved) because of the results of any particular election. We are bigger than this. We are Americans.

3) Have the spirit of a fighter. Prove the critics wrong. Don't let the MSM, the Obama Tide, political correctness, etc., keep you from what you know is right. Life is lived better when facing obstacles. It's harder but more rewarding. There are many standing with us today. Remember that. And remember the fighting spirit of the greatest military on earth.

If our troops were casting all the ballots in this election, it would be a landslide for the good guys.

Here's what they think about Obama:

Don't let them down. Get after it.

Talk to you soon.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Via Ace: Just-Released Video Footage of the End of the Obama Campaign

Odiousness in Full Flower: B.O. Flips off War Hero

Take a look.

Well, he can't be all bad. He flipped off Hillary, too.

But seriously, this is what people are thinking about going for? Obama is clueless and classless, and our nation will be diminished by having him elected as president. Note the two clownesses in the back howling at B.O.'s antics. Oh, that's so cute when a candidate for president shoots another candidate the finger.

Let me tell you what I really think: The Obama Campaign is a steaming pile of fetid defication ... on a good day. He showed no respect for Hillary Clinton, and it's the same thing now with John McCain. We are lucky to have His Eminence shining down on us, you see. Those who dare to question the Great Ob are scared off with a few fake lighting bolts, a middle-finger salute, etc.

B.O. thinks he has it won. But he just proves over and over again that he just stinks.

Day 25/Reason #1: If we're all dead, none of this matters

National Security. It's why I started this blog more than four years ago. Wow, has it been that long?

But national security is the first duty of the federal goverment. As the Commander in Chief, it's the first duty of the president. Pres. Bush has done an excellent job in protecting America from its enemies since 9/11.

These are serious times ... still. We are at war with Militant Muslims in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq has largely stabilized but the situation in Afghanistan is precarious. Nuclear Pakistan is on the brink, as well, and we are increasingly fighting jihadis there. Iran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon, and it repeatedly threatens Israel with its holocaust-denying madness.

Then there's North Korea and Venezuela. There's growing Russian nationalism and expansionism. There are countries most Americans haven't heard of yet.

If elected, Barack Obama will be tested, all right. Even French President Sarkozy calls Obama's Iran policy "utterly immature".

Foreign policy typically defines presidents, unless they wilfully ignore it, a la Clinton. We have enemies now who will not ignore us. The jihadis we are fighting want a fight.

Biden got it right with his recent comments: We tempt our enemies if we elect Obama. Worse yet, we hamstring ourselves.

You can count on Obama being opposed to using U.S. military force. He was against going to war when every one in the world thought Saddam Hussein had WMD. He was against the surge. He said our troops in Afghanistan were "air-raiding villages and killing civilians."

Barack Obama does not understand or trust our military.

I submit that he does not understand or trust America.

I do not trust him.

We know that John McCain loves our military and would defend this nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I have great concerns that Obama would fail to defend this nation from foreign and domestic enemies. We know he won't hunt down terrorists like Pres. Bush has.

Obama is not fit to be Commander-in-Chief. McCain is. Case closed.

Go vote, if you haven't already. Make some calls. Send some emails. Drag some folks with you. Let's roll.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Day 24/Reason #2: Don't you want to see the Demos/Leftists/Same Things Go Ballistic on Nov. 5?

If McCain and Palin pull this off, can you imagine ... I want you to close your eyes now ... wait, you have to open them to read this ... can you imagine the reaction, hand-wringing, implosion, and hysteria that we would see on the Left? There's your reason to watch Olbermann.

But seriously, we need to break the back of the MSM that have foisted the most fraudulent "journalism" on the public in American history. To defeat Obama and his press relations department in the MSM would be a significant victory for free speech, and for liberty as a whole.

Can you imagine reading your favorite blogs (starting here) and then listening to Rush, et al., on Nov. 5, 6, 7, 8, etc.., if we pull this thing off?

Could anything --at least in politics -- be better? Maybe a few things, but not much.

Now, shut your eyes. And imagine. Glorious.

Now, go make it happen. Make some calls. Send some emails. Get out the vote.

One more. See you in the a.m..

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Day 23/Reason #3: The High Nine on the Potomac

The Supreme Court. Frankly, I am shocked at how many conservatives forget how critical the Court is, and how Supreme Court nominations are often a president's most lasting legacy.

Consider that Pres. H.W. Bush vacillated between conservative Edith Jones and some unknown judge out of New Hampshire named Souter. He got that one wrong, but he did nominate some guy named Thomas.

Pres. Reagan had his first two conservative choices to replace Lewis Powell -- Robert Bork and Douglas Ginsburg -- nixed by the MSM and their lefty allies in the Senate. Ah, this was before the rise of Rush and Talk Radio. Those were the days the libs want to go back to, but I digress ...

Pres. Bush has taken a lot of heat on seemingly every front. Some of it is deserved. I was out front opposing his initial nomination of Harriet Miers. But he relented and nominated Samuel Alito. Outstanding, outstanding choice. For Chief Justice, we got Justice John Roberts. Outstanding, outstanding choice.

Pres. Bush's nominations were better than his father, better than (dare I say it? I shall) Pres. Reagan, who nominated Scalia (who is the best justice on the Court, by far) and elevated Rehnquist to Chief Justice, but also left us with Sandra Day O'Connor and Kennedy.

With McCain, we would get judicial appointments to every level of the federal judiciary in the mode of Reagan and Bush.

With Obama, we would get judges who would promote the mushy idea of leftist "fairness" and would eschew interpreting the Constitution as written. We would have no law, if enough of these people are on the bench.

Remember, too, that Obama thinks that the Warren Court was not radical enough. They didn't engage in enough "redistributive justice", as he calls it.

Leftists like to (and have to) do their best work out of the daylight of the legislative process. If Obama gets to appoint 2 or 3 Supreme Court Justices, God help us.

Issues such as the War on Militant Islam, abortion, the Fairness Doctrine, etc., will all be on the table. Obama wants lifetime-appointed leftists to redefine our Constitution.

Don't let him do it.