Thursday, October 09, 2008

"He's just a guy who lives in my neighborhood"

"He's just a guy who lives in my neighborhood" could be the phrase that defines a candidate's downfall in '08, as "I was for it, before I was against it" defined '04.

Until very recently, McCain's campain has shown a reluctance to take on the Elephant in the Room (Obama's troubling associations). Ayers, Wright, Resko, Phleger, ACORN, etc. These multiple associations cry out for an explanation. Obama is giving none, or at least none that make sense.

Obama's favorite line is that "I was 8 years old" when Ayers committed his acts of terrorism. But this misses the point. No one would hold Obama responsible for Ayers terrorism, but the fact is that Obama has had a working political relationship with Ayers well into the 1990s. Meanwhile, Ayers has continued to double down and say that his acts of terrorism were virtuous. That Obama would continue to associate with a person with these views is inexplicable. That he claims he would not know of Ayers prior terrorism is unbelievable.

"He's just a guy in the neighborhood" is both untrue and revealing at the same time. The statement shows that Obama knows it's a problem for him that he associated and worked with a terrorist like Ayers. Now, perhaps ... perhaps, probably not, but perhaps ... one might overlook Obama's association with Ayers as an aberration, but Obama has a number of these troubling assocations, and they all occurred long after he after he turned 8.

Obama's racist pastor spews anti-American hatred and claims we deserved 9/11. This sounds a lot like Ayers. Then there's Rezko, the crook. Then there's the crazy Father Pfleger. Then there's ACORN (which is being investigated all over the country for apparently trying to steal the election for Obama). Recall, too, that ACORN received money from the Obama-Ayers association. The associates, it appears, are associates, as well.

And remember who knows Obama best of all -- his soulmate. Michelle Obama said that Obama's selection as the Democrat nominee made her "for the first time in her adult life, proud of her country."

Obama's multiple troubling associations show that he is comfortable in the company of people who at best, don't love America, and at worst, don't like America at all and want to fundamentally undermine the nation and change it to suit their radical worldviews.