Thursday, October 02, 2008

Fantastic Political TV tonight

Wow, it was a fun night. The energy (Palin) is back in the campaign. I thought she did very well, as most folks did. Sure, she missed some opportunities, but I have come to believe that McCain and Co. are intentionally holding their fire on the obvious Fannie connections and the hay to be made.

Overall, the impression made by Palin was extremely strong. Of course she is not a policy wonk type. It would be nice to have a Newt-like character up there busting Demos on every point, but then again, that would be the whole debate. But really, I think many (both inside and outside the MSM, Washington elite) miss that many voters are not attracted to the wonkish approach. I thought Biden didn't do too bad. He made a lot of stuff up ... and he rewrote the Constitution (executive is now discussed in Article I, instead of the legislature).

In truth, I think Palin strikes a deep chord with people, and in a very good way. She has that Reaganesque quality of having strong beliefs but still being very warm and likeable. Don't underestimate the power of this, you ideologues out there. People implicitly know she is trustworthy.

But hey ... the VP debate may not have even been the best political TV on tonight. Did you see Dick Morris savage Kermit the Colmes after the debate? I am looking for the video but can't find it. Morris called Colmes an idiot and asked if he could only read his Demo talking points and threatened to leave the set if Colmes didn't shut up. Colmes was speechless. I thought he was going to start calling for Miss Piggy.

But then, there was this beatdown. O'Reilly called B-Frank a "liar", a "coward" and questioned his manhood. Does it get any better than that? Oh, yeah. He told him to "Stop the crap!" It was inspiring.

You know, O'Reilly has not been at the top of my list of favorites. His schtick and ego can wear thin. But I tell you ... tonight, he did us all proud and he did the nation a service in nailing Frank.

Let's hope that foreshadows what we will start to see over the next few weeks.

It was a good night. (It will be better when I find the clip of Morris slappling Kermit around.)

BTW, told you it would be. Stay strong.

Update: Here is the clip of Dick Morris' old-school education (with paddle) of Kermit.