Thursday, October 09, 2008

DC's Campaign with 25 Days to Go: 25 Reasons to Vote for McCain and against Obama

Greetings, all. These are important times. I agree with Rush that it looks like conservatives are "going to have to drag McCain" over the finish line. However, today it looks like he has picked it up a bit, in that McC actually named Barney Frank and Chris Dodd for their complicity in the mortgage-financial meltdown.

Four years ago, I broke down John Kerry's anti-American book, "The New Soldier", in the month leading up the election. I did so because I thought then (and now) that the sentiments expressed by Kerry in the book laid the groundwork for why he could not be allowed to become Commander-in-Chief. In my view, his worldview disqualified him from being president. I made the judgment that Kerry's failure to reverse course on his prior anti-Americanism during the Viet Nam War meant that he should not be allowed to lead America. For me, it's pretty straightforward. If you give us good reason to doubt your love for the nation, then it's nonsensical that you should be allowed to lead the nation.

What we saw in Kerry, we see all over again (and then some) in Obama. Actually, the people that Obama is comfortable associating with make Kerry look mild by comparison. Obama is masking a radical agenda with soothing and well-delivered rhetoric.

I am concerned for my country. You know, I've been proud of it all my life.

So ... I will "come out of retirement" for the next 25 days to do the following: I will provide a short post each day to remind you of one reason to vote for McCain and/or against Obama (if that makes some of you feel better).

Posts will be short. If I can't write them in 5 minutes or less and you can't read them in 1 minute or less, well, feel free to slap your computer screen.

It is on.

See you in the morning.