Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 9/Reason #17: McCain's Energy Policy vs. Obama's Energy Policy (pictured below)

Remember that this is the guy who thought we should "get tune-ups" and "inflate our tires" instead of drilling for oil.

McCain and Palin will drill. You watch, and when we get moving in that direction, prices will fall. It won't take years for that to happen. Plus, McCain is going to ANWR and will come around on drilling there, too. McCain supports a comprehensive, Pickens-like approach. Makes sense.

Obama claims he is for drilling. That's a joke. He claims he's okay with nuclear. Come on. Again, his extremist, environmentalist friends will never let him do these things, and he knows it.

Obama and his crew like it that we are paying through the nose for gasoline now. It makes us more like Europe, saps our national prosperity (it was one of the factors triggering the current economic mess) and it gives the Demos a chance to argue that the American economy needs to be remade in the image of Socialist Europe. Everywhere you look, liberal Demos like Obama are at the core of our economic problems.

Obama's energy policy reflect his small view of America. Inflate your tires. Ride your bike to work. Be a good citizen of the world. Recall his admonition in Oregon earlier this year:

He gets happy feet in front of his lefty friends, you see.

Obama's crowd would like us all driving electric Yugos and living in shacks a fraction the size of Joe the Plumber's.