Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 8/Reason #18: Immigration and the Sound of Crickets

I know a lot of folks were infuriated that certain subjects either didn't come up in the debates and/or the campaign itself.

Remember the Obama Ad touting his immigration position? You can hear it here.

Well, the O did run one comparing McCain to Rush Limbaugh on immigration. Funny. A lot of us fought ol' Johnny McC tooth and nail because of his immigration position, and he was accordingly chastened.

McCain now says he is committed to enforcement first, and then to reforming our immigration laws. At least with McCain, conservative Republicans who stopped the immigration nonsense last time have some sway. His running mate opposed him on this, too.

With Obama ... well, I know it's a familiar theme, but he would make McCain look like Limbaugh on immigration. Folks, if you don't think things can get a lot worse, just wait. How do you say "ACORN" in Spanish?

The MSM knows this, too. That's why we get the types of questions from the debate "moderators" that we do during debates on an issue that is a winner for Republicans. Remember the question on immigration?

Please note: I have finally figured out how to put pics back on this here blog (after my old program got deleted. You are forewarned. Tomorrow's reason will thus be accompanied by an illustration of my point. Stay tuned.