Thursday, October 16, 2008

Day 7/Reason #19: The Future of an Antiquated Notion -- Restraining Government Spending

One thing that has long undercut the Bush Administration with conservatives -- and the country as a whole -- is its inexplicable and utter failure to restrain government spending in any way. For all of McCain's past heresy on tax cuts (he has repented of those sins, at least for now), McC has always been a champion of restraining spending and highlighting the "earmarkers" and "porkbarrelers". McCain doesn't have to name Obama for us to know that he is one of these; the One has learned the Chicago way well.

Those of you who think the most important thing our government should be doing is spending less of your money have a clear choice in this election. I mean, one of these guys is even named "Sen. Government." What a glorious fumble-in-the-end-zone-and-fall-on-it moment that was by McCain last night. By the way, I thought Johnny McC did fine in the debate. Thought he was going to whip Obama's demo when he was talking about Lewis's incindiary remarks. Was his best performance by far. But I digress ...

The only spending that Obama will cut is defense spending. For everything else, you can count on Obama and his Demo buddies in Congress to be heading out on a shopping spree. Since there will be no tax cuts with the Demos in charge, they also know that such a policy will increase the drumbeat of the need to raise taxes.

In a post-9/11 world, my view is that government spending is important -- particularly when you consider the related effect on other issues -- but it's only reason #19 to vote for McC/against Sen. Government.

Still, all those who clamored for an alternative to Bush should be excited about a McCain Administration.

And those who thought things couldn't get worse than the Bush Administration, please, please, give it a rest ... let me tell you a scary bedtime story about a big, bad, boogie man named Carter that will keep you up all night ... and watch your wallet. You may not have as much dough these days, but the Obama Administration has some things on its shopping list and wants to take you to the mall (don't worry, you'll save money on defense).

Okay, 18 more to go. Fear not. We'll hit it all by the end.