Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 6/Reason #20: Imperfect Candidate or Intolerable Government

Conservatives know, or should know, the limits of this world. We should be among the first to eschew perfect churches, organizations, and political campaigns, for in joining them, we ruin them.

McCain is certainly an imperfect candidate, and I have typed a lot of words in this space detailing my views in this regard. But really, at this point, what is the point of such arguments? The very real specter of an Obama presidency looms. The theoretical among us like to argue about what ought to be, but the rest of us have to live with what is and what will be.

McCain is an imperfect candidate, for sure. But his campaign will end, and then will begin the presidency of either McCain or Obama.

Obama's whole life story shows us that he would lead the nation farther to the left than any president in our history. His government would be a great encroachment on American liberty and livelihood, that is, if his national security policy doesn't get us all killed first. This intolerable government (what will be, not what may be imagined dancing on the heads of pins), this unmitigated disaster, is the alternative to the imperfect candidacy of John McCain.

So ... for those conservatives who want to bemoan what might have been or what ought to be in this election season, the rest of us are left here to deal with the here and now.

We must defeat Obama. And a conservative not voting for McCain in this election is, in effect, giving a vote to Obama. The Rev. Wright and Co. would like to congratulate and thank you.

Those who whine and look for perfect candidates when we have a candidate the likes of Obama on the other side are worse than ignorant. They are what Obama's Marxist friends used to call "useful idiots". So, don't pat yourself on the back for your "uncompromising conservatism" as the country we love is dismantled by an Obama presidency working alongside big Demo majorities in the House and Senate.

Of course, the Perfect Churchers and Campaign Critics are more virtous and smarter than all of us dolts who are going to vote for McCain. Plus, I mean, the McCain campaign is run so poorly, how could we vote for it, even though the other side was threatening to set the house on fire? What are we, color-commentators or Americans?!? The Left is playing for keeps, and we better realize it.

There may not be much to build back in 4 years, although I am sure that some of the Ominicient Ones Whose Views Should Be Those of Us All can clearly forecast the opportunity to rise again with great vigor under an Obama Presidency.

Theoretically, they might be right in the future. But in reality, Obama is very wrong for the country and leading in the polls right now.