Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 5/Reason #21:Styrofoam Columns, Fake Presidential Seals and Such

The comedy created by Obama's fake Greek temple at the DNC in Denver wasn't just funny; it was also instructive. Obama worshippers suddenly found their hero prancing naked down the street at the parade ... as some lowly citizens dared to call him on the audacity and placticity of his stage. They seemed stunned that we would notice the man behind the curtain.

That's what all this seems to be in the campaign season to Obama -- a stage. It's unreal. His campaign is a fraud of a performance, designed primarily to trick and create false illusions rather than inform. That he is running on the amorphous and unchallenged platform of "change" makes it all the more surreal. Indeed, Obama is practicing the oldest and dirtiest type of politics -- deceptive demagoguery disquised as statesmanship. Thus far, his appeal stems from the fact that he has done it well, or at least without much scrutiny from the media.

Think about the fraud of the One campaigning as the "first post-racial candidate", while he has been a parishioner in the church of one of the worst race-baiters in America for 20 years. There is talk of a RICO suit against the professional vote fraudfeasors at ACORN (which is "shockingly" an arm of the Obama campaign), but, in reality, the entire Obama campaign is a bait-and-switch of the worst type.

One of the illusions is the sense of inevitability that Obama has been pushing, not just recently (it's over, don't you know?) but for quite some time. Recall the fake presidential coins. Ask no questions, just fall and worship o ye who are unworthy. "Change, change, give me even your ... "

We've never seen such a mixture of fraud and boldness in American politics.

See you tomorrow as we get into the top 20.