Monday, October 13, 2008

Day 4/Reason #22: Hanoi Hilton vs. the Harvard Hawaiian

My personal view is that you can tell a lot about people by how they treat those who really can't do much for them in return. A good example of this is found in how people treat waiters, flight attendants, and the like. A corrollary here is that our private conduct is much more indicative of the type of person we are than our public conduct.

I read a story the other day about how Obama and his staff treat the press traveling with them like dirt. Mind you, these very same members of the press are true-blue lefties and in the tank for The One. He-Whose-Defication-Is-Not-Odiferous, however, no doubt knows that these lefties in the press will surely stay on the team regardless of how he behaves. He doesn't need to be nice to them, so he won't.

McCain, on the other hand, drives many of us on the right mad by trying to show decency to all. He even told angry supporters on Friday that Obama is a decent guy. McC has that famous temper, but it is generally reserved for politicians. They can take it. (It would be nice to see hm lay into Demos more, but hey). By all accounts, though, McCain shows decency to most every one he encounters, whether they be big or "little people".

Ah, but to Obama, we're all little. My conclusion is that the vast gaps in life experience of the two -- Hanoi Hilton vs. Hawaii-Harvard-"Community Organizer"-pre-Messiah education -- explains this difference.

McCain's life experience has taught him his own personal limits and fallibility. Meanwhile, Obama has been cheered every step of the way as some gift from on-high to all of us lucky beneficiaries. To me, the greatest experience argument against Obama is that life has not tested him in any real way. Rather, life appears to have propped him up, and perhaps given him an inflated view of himself as a result.

As a result of Obama's life experience (or the lack of any real test of leadership), we are left to wonder if Obama has ever been to a place where he only had to rely upon his character and faith for survival. We know McCain has been there.

We should be greatly afraid of a politician who thinks he is better than all of us peons. Arrogance in the small things will show up in the larger things. In stealing our liberty, Obama will know best.

Four down, 21 to go. See you tomorrow.