Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day 3/Reason #23: Obama Flunked Math ... actually more serious and fundamental subjects than that

You might have forgotten the twister that hit Kansas in May 2007. It was pretty bad. Obama, ever the student of U.S. history that he is, understood the magnitude of the disaster and pegged it as the worst natural disaster in U.S. history, with a death toll at 10,000.

In reality, though, the worst natural disaster in our history is the Great Storm (not Ike) of 1900 that hit down the road from here in Galveston. The death toll was estimated at 6,000 to 10,000.
The death toll in the 2007 Kansas twister was 12. Here's the story. Okay, so the One (as in "I can count to one, but not much farther") was 9,988 off. What's the big deal?

After all, Obama was attacking America's military effort in Iraq and Pres. Bush, and that's a most sacred task to the Left. What apparently happened was that Obama was so giddy to attack America's military (remember it was politically expedient at that time) that he got "happy feet" and got drunk, fast and really loose with the facts. To me, it was a telling moment.

Obama's purported opening to attack America's military effort in Iraq was that the war had depleted the Kansas National Guard (and thus impacting the ability to respond to the aftermath of the twister).

Consider the argument made by Obama's flaks afterward that the Anointed was tired and made a misstatement as a result. That's crazy. If he did misspeak, why didn't Obama correct himself during his remarks? Messiahs don't err, I guess. Actually, they were probably trying to slip the comment in the punch bowl and hit the road before any one noticed.

To the Obamaites, though, they don't believe there shouldn't be any real fuss. After all, his larger point, they argue, was correct -- the Iraq War and Bush are so evil, we need to make the case as dramatically as we can.

But the Kansas Mega-Gaffe showed me then that Obama is a vapid mouthpiece for forces much larger than he. He's the Left's Chauncy Gardner, so who's behind him? I wondered that back in 2007.

Now, some of those creepy characters backstage are coming forward. Just a reason to consider, but we have 22 more.