Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 2/Reason #24: Obama sure is secretive, but could he get a secret clearance?

I've had a secret clearance, and John McCain has likely gone top secret. But query: Could Barack Obama get a secret clearance?

If Obama were to apply for one, he would be asked about: illegal drug use (check); questionable friends and associates (check); people known in college (check?); medical records ... Wait a minute. Where are Obama's medical records, any way? And his education records? What the h .. Is there a journalist in the house?

McCain should confront Obama and challenge him to release these documents. If the issue is relevant to getting a security clearance and Obama wants access to the red button, then hand the info over. Heck, Obama's goons spent weeks in Palin's trash cans.

Obama's drug use alone might disqualify him, but the associations surely would. The point: How can you be elected president if you can't get a secret clearance? I mean, even Slick Willie probably could have gotten one (with an asterisk, because he did not inhale). But seriously, Obama makes previous Demos look, dare I say it? Conservative ...

FYI, click here to see the security clearance questionnaire.

Maybe the moderator at the next debate (Bob Schieffer) can ask questions from the security clearance application of both candidates? Maybe not.

Again, this issue alone is reason enough to vote for McCain/against "the Big O", but I will give you 23 more.

See you tomorrow.