Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 20/Reason #6: Obama's for "Fairness" ...

the "Fairness Doctrine", that is. Funny how so many sheep in wolves clothing, especially in the political world, have such nice-sounding names ... "campaign-finance reform" ... "pro-choice" ... "comprehensive immigration reform". Woops, McCain was for two of those, but still ...

Make no mistake about it. If Obama is elected (and he will have increased Demo numbers in Congress, under almost any scenario) he and his leftist pals will move to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. New Mexico Demo Sen. Bingaman caused a bit of a stir when he came out in favor of repealing it recently. Reid wants to repeal it. Pelosi wants to repeal it. Kerry wants to repeal it. If Demos can do it, they will. In a heartbeat.

So, what does it mean? If reinstated, the Fairness Doctrine would potentially mean the death of Talk Radio as we know it. The "Fairness Doctrine" would require talk radio stations to put on an opposing viewpoint each time some one complained. Litigation would explode and it would be too costly for most, if not all, stations to run talk programs. By the way, there are more than two viewpoints on a particular issue. The whole concept of "two opposing views" and regulating speech is deeply flawed.

After all, there's a reason there wasn't any Talk Radio before Pres. Reagan got rid of the "Fairness Doctrine" in 1987. Ah, but we have the major news networks to keep us informed. I feel better already.

Recall that Talk Radio was about the only thing that kept "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" from becoming the law of the land. We need Talk Radio and free speech to stand against elitists in both parties.

In particular, though, it's the Demos who don't care much for free speech. There's a reason their pathetic, boring Air America can't gain traction. People don't want to listen to it.

The multitude of conservative voices on the radio, on cable, and on the internet are vital to keeping America informed and free.

Think the last part of that sentence goes too far? Consider the tactics of Obama and Co. in attempting to shut down radio programs critical of Obama in Chicago, asking authorities to take ads off the air in Missouri, boycotting news stations that ask tough questions of Biden, calling Sean Hannity an anti-Semite?!!, etc..

I believe in free speech, as most conservatives do. Be very afraid of those who would attempt to use the power of the state to reduce debate.

The Obama crowd is about "getting in the faces" of opponents, per the counsel of the street agitators that trained the O. Make no mistake: If Obama wins and has enough allies in Congress -- as he likely would -- he will come after his critics on the right ... the Constitution be damned.

These are serious times. This is a key issue.

Tomorrow, we begin with the Top 5.

See you then.