Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 19/Reason #7: Who do our enemies want to win?

I've talked about this line of reasoning before. It's often instructive to see who is pulling for one side or another to sort out the good guys. Here, when we look outside the U.S., we see ...

Less than 10% of the French want McCain. Okay, I realize France is not an "enemy" per se, but the French are a pretty good political contra-indicator.

But let's look at Venezuela, where Bill Ayers' hero Hugo Chavez was just heard slamming Sarah Palin. Chavez called Gov. Palin a "pitiful beauty queen who did not know what she was saying."

When did Chavez get the MSM gig?

Really friends, that's about all you need to know. But still, there's more.

How about al Qaeda? I realize some crazies allegedly are pulling for McCain, but a) I don't believe them, since they saw how the OBL experiment blew up in 2004 in the Bush-Kerry race; and b) if they are truly crazy and are admitting they want a fight with us -- so that they can test the 72-virgin theory -- and McCain will facilitate said fight, then I say it sounds good to me.

Why would al Qaeda fear Obama, who has opposed the "air-raiding villages and killing civilians" American military and our efforts to fight terrorism every step of the way since 9/11? Oh, I forgot ... he flip-flopped and voted for FISA after he had secured the Demo nomination, in the spirit of "tacking to the middle" when it doesn't mean anything other than misleading people to get votes.

What about Hamas? Haven't they endorsed Obama?

And doesn't Obama have a pal named Khalidi (Reason 11A, I recall correctly)? I forget.

What about that "tiny" country Iran? Think they would rather dodge bullets from McCain or talk with Obama?

Coming down the home stretch now, we have six more ... doozies. Don't miss it.