Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 14/Reason #12: Like your guns? Liberty? When caught expressing a desire to take liberties away, Obama tacks to the middle (verbally, at least)

A classic illustration of the m.o. of B.O. is his treatment of the right to bear arms. When he was campaigning for the Demo nomination, Obama was in full liberal flower mode, expressing his consistent support of handgun regulation. He also expressed support for the unconstitutional handgun ban in Washington, D.C. Remember what the "bitter Americans" were clinging to, after all.

But then, two things happened: 1) B.O. got the Demo nomination; and 2) the Supremes found the D.C. handgun ban to be unconstitutional.

Then, B.O. said he was against the ban, or he at least didn't like it. You gotta give him credit for at least being for it before he was against it, though. It's a fine Demo tradition.

Here's the story of where McCain busted him on his flip-flop.

Here is what you get with Obama: He's a full flower leftist when unscripted and unconstrained by mainstream American opinion (i.e., when he's trying to get the votes of liberal Demos to secure his nomination). When he is pulled into the mainstream and/or asked to explain himself, as he was by Joe the Plumber, Obama tacks the middle, but only verbally.

He provides platitudinous bilge in support of "basic rights", the "American people", fundamental liberties", blah, blah, blah. The media and mushy, moderates melt, coo and ask no further questions.

If you like owning your guns and the rights that we as free Americans have taken for granted since our founding, this is another reason to vote for McCain and against Obama.

The NRA agrees.

See you tomorrow.