Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Day 12/Reason #14: When off script, you get a glimpse of what the candidates think of our military, our country, our property

Any one who would make such a statement is not qualified to be president.

Jack Murtha, who slandered U.S. Marines as murderers, is not qualified. I don't care if he was in the U.S.M.C.. So was I. Murtha is just as unqualified for elected office as his pal Obama.

If you make an anti-American statement (and that's what Obama's in the above clip was, period), then you shouldn't be president. Motives are irrelevant. If the statement stands, your candidacy should not succeed. If you are troubled by the actions of American troops and/or the inevitable mistakes that ensue in battle, then you make such points in a way that respects our military.

We see this sort of brazen leftist thought by Obama when he is in his element -- i.e., campaigning for far-left voters in the N.H. primary or speaking off-the-cuff with Joe the Plumber.

Moments like these show you what is inside Obama. It is not pretty. For all of his warts, we don't ever have to worry about such a statement out of McCain. We know where he stands.

No wonder Biden says America's enemies will test Obama to see what he is made of -- and fast. His rhetoric sounds like theirs.