Monday, October 20, 2008

Day 11/Reason #15: "Health Care is a Right" vs. a Responsibility Approach

Incredibly, Obama blurted out his true intentions during the second debate on the subject of health care when he told Tom Brokaw that he believes health care is a "right". Almost no American leftists have been brazen enough to state their true views on this subject, but caught off-guard and feeling pretty good about himself, Obama let it go.

On the other hand, McCain advocates a tax-credit approach that would require people to take charge of their own health. There are many personal preferences and choices bound up in health-care decisions. The consequence of allowing the government to control health care would be disasterous.

Obama's approach, coupled with a solid Demo majority, would put us on the road to what Hillary tried to do back in 1992 -- government-run health care, or as Joe the Plumber would accurately describe it, "socialized medicine."

If he succeeds in this effort, Obama will have undermined American liberty and our economy in a fundamental way. Our quality of care would diminish, as would our options. Responsibility would diminish. America would diminish.

We must not let this happen.