Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 10/Reason #16: On Education --Radicalism and Ignorance vs. Choice

Perhaps you didn't expect to see this reason here, but I thought the last part of the last debate was instructive.

Obama will be the friend of teachers' unions and will help continue the slide toward national ignorance. Why? You'd have to ask him, but ... Have you seen/heard from some of these grand "newly registered" voters?

On education, Obama is lying (again). He will never oppose teachers' unions in a meaningful way. By contrast, McCain calls education the "civil right of the 21st century". It's a good line, but more importantly, it reveals an understanding of what is at stake when we continue to turn out high school students who can text but can't understand the difference between G. Gordon Liddy and Bill Ayers. Maybe they, too, can grow up to be late-night comics.

And incidentally, remember that Obama now admits only an affiliation with Bill Ayers on education policy. They worked together to get money to Chicago schools to do what? Check it out. Folks, Bill Ayers' education philosophy is to use the public schools to radicalize American students. So, we get politically active little leftists who can't spell. How delightful. I wonder who those pupils will vote for.

On the other hand, McCain shows a commitment to educational choice, which is a key issue to conservatives who see family involvement and accountability as the foundations of education.

An ignorant populace can and will fall for the scams of the smooth talkers of the world. Are we doing that now?