Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Impalin' on Palin

I poke my head from my hole for a few brief points as we await the big Palin speech. Here are my random, yet purposeful, thoughts:

I am genuinely and pleasantly surprised that McCain pulled this off. He shocked me. Truly, he did. As a result, I have gone from "supporting Obama's opponent" to enthusiastically supporting the McCain-Palin ticket.

The only thing that can/would change my support for McCain is if McCain and Co. would inexplicably dump Palin from the ticket. I doubt very seriously this will happen, but the Lefties are sure pushing the idea. That should tell you something of the merits of going that direction.

Only the Obamas of the world counsel with enemies.

The Media/Demo/Leftist/Same Things are vicious miscreants capable of all manner of dastardly and unspeakable tactics, provided that they are either anonymous or traveling in a pack.

Left alone, however, Barack Obama would likely get his butt kicked by Sarah Palin in a fist fight.

However, she is also a beauty queen, mother of five, slayer of moose, and a former point guard of a state championship basketball team. Where do we find such women? America, that's where.

And how can such a woman be a conservative Christian, pray tell?

Questions such as the foregoing are asked by the Media/Demos/Leftists/Same Things because of their breathtaking ignorance and bigotry toward Evangelical Christians.

Sarah Palin is much more qualified to be president than Barack Obama is.

Given the foregoing, shouldn't the top of the Demo ticket be comparing his experience to the top of the Republican ticket? It would seem so, but Obama doesn't compare favorably there, as well.

Sarah Palin's real sin to the Left is not in having a teenage daughter who is pregnant, but in the fact that here family has gone through two difficult pregnancies where many would have had (or at least understood) abortions.

Palin and her family have lived their convictions and thus heaped burning coals on the opposition's head.

In my church, I have seen a lot more eyebrow-raising things than we have learned about Sarah Palin.

"Amazing Grace" is still a popular hymn in evangelical circles.

In Sarah Palin's church (and mine) we don't tolerate racists and pastors generally don't say "God damn, America."

The so-called "feminist movement" in America, given the treatment of Sarah Palin that has been allowed to persist, is officially dead.

The real question that the Palin candidacy raises is this: Can a person who takes her faith and convictions seriously and does not cowtow to the Media/Washington establishment seek high office?

Put another way, can some one who believes like I do be allowed to run for elected office and have the American people judge him or her on the merits?

I am so proud -- and genuinely excited -- that the Republican Party ... Yes, I can say it, I am so excited that my party nominated Sarah Palin and she has the chance to be the first woman elected to be VP.

By the way, she got rid of the state chef in Alaska so she could cook for her family.

Who does she think she is? A woman?

And oh, the 5 kids Sarah Palin is supposed to be "looking out for" and thus will keep her from doing her job ... One is getting married and another is heading to Iraq.

Knowing what we have learned about her abilities, I think she can handle her responsibilities at home just fine.

Barack Obama thinks he is a celebrity, and to some extent he is. I think Sarah Palin is going to become, as some one said, "Reagan in heels". If she is this ... we will have a rock star in American politics.

Bono with an Updo? How about that?

Indeed, she is the first candidate since Reagan to remind me of him.

That said, you should understand my and many conservatives' defense of Sarah Palin.

Take a look at the title of the post real quick. Remember the scene in Braveheart, when the Scots looked about to be overrun and they pulled out the long sticks, er, the very sharp big sticks.

Those charging, apparently to a glorious victory, were suddenly impaled.

Meanwhile, those who had the courage to stand their ground and then fight back survived. The Demos have been riding in pretty hard the past couple of days. Tonight, the long sticks start to come up.

Courage pays. If the Republicans stick together and fight with the heart of Sarah Palin, they'll be fine.

Whatever the outcome of this election, rest assured that Sarah Palin and her family will be fine, too.

And ... as long as the country keeps producing Sarah Palins, we'll all be fine.