Friday, September 05, 2008

I hate to gloat, but ...

The post below this one was written about three hours before Sarah Palin's historic, electric, Reaganesque speech. Yes, John McCain did his thing tonight and did fine, but ... yes, his speech was anti-climactic.

Okay, so after the Palin speech, any one's gloating, speeches, or whatever, seem small. But wait ... what's the big deal about words? What's so important about a speech? After all, haven't we been saying that Barack Obama's only real skill is his soaring oratory?

As Palin demonstrated Wednesday night, ideas -- and the ability to express them powerfully and persuasively -- matter in political candidates. Words are important. Sure, empty words are just that. Change is a verb, and not simply a noun, after all. But national officeholders need to be able to explain ideas and inspire people.

Reagan did this. And ... speaking of the Reagan in heels analogy, which we were talking about last night, apparently this has caught on with people who ought to know.

So, as the Republicans sky from St. Paul with a spring in their step and a real shot to win in November, you can thank Sarah Palin ... and the man with the guts to give her a shot.

One more thing ... listen close. I had a pretty good idea that Sarah Palin would be fine and would be beloved by not only the delegates, but also the nation, if only she were given the chance. I am not gloating now. I am just telling you what I knew. But how did I know this without knowing her?

It's the person behind the words that really provides the power of those words. And the bricks and mortar of personal power is one's belief system.

Palin's confidence, good humor, and genuineness stem from her beliefs. The inspiring words of Wednesday night were brush strokes of this belief system.

I know this belief system because it is mine.

As such, she has made this ticket mine, as well.