Monday, September 08, 2008

Demos are ... Palin Comparison

All these storms out there and Hurricane Sarah continues to make waves. The storm surge could put Washington and New York newsrooms under water, before it's over.

I got a hoot out of how she stiffed the big news shows over the weekend. It appears that ol' Charlie Gibson will get the first MSM crack at her this week. Should be fun.

Looking at the polls taking shape over the weekend, it appears that Gov. Sarah Palin is indeed a game-changer. At a minimum, her nomination has put McCain in the game, and likely to stay. Meanwhile, I get a kick out of watching the Demos trying to figure out a plan of attack. It's tough for them. I mean, what do you do? Keep digging in that hole? My suggestion? Focus on McCain, but ... they won't listen to me.

In the middle of Palin-Mania, I thought I would take a moment to acknowledge the obvious -- that we will surely see chinks in the Palin armor going forward. There's quite a legend around Sarah Palin in Alaska and now the country. Fret not when you find that she is not Paul Bunyan.

For instance, a number of media are now breathlessly reporting that the famed Murkowski jet was "put" on Ebay, and not "sold". But this is exactly what Palin said in her speech last Wednesday, although McCain was making merry claiming it was "sold on Ebay ... and for a profit" in Wisconsin on Friday. Man, Johnny Mac was juiced at that rally. But note: The jet was actually sold via a traditional sale. The point of Palin's efforts in this regard, and her creative manner of trying to accomplish the mission, seems to me to be the main point.

Come to find out, Palin also tried to fire the city librarian (a supporter of the incumbent she unseated) when she took over as Mayor of Wasilla. She inquired re: "censoring" books, it appears, although a more proper question would seem to me to be: Would you suggest we limit at all which types of books we buy for our residents here in Wasilla?" But it seems the Obama campaign got loose and published a "banned book list" from Palin's Wasilla. Turns out that the list is entirely bogus, though, and the Obama Campaign took down the bogus list. Worse yet, no books were banned or censored. Here again we see a recurring theme: In there haste to destroy Palin, Leftists are overreaching and losing credibility.

Others are whining about the fact that Wasilla benefitted from federal spending when Palin was mayor. Again, what's the point? What's she supposed to do, put it in an envelope and send it back to Washington after it was appropriated? Then she apparently was for the Bridge to Nowhere before changing her mind. Again, what's the big point? She did change her mind and helped stop the bridge. Critics charge that "she kept the money". I thought that Congress had something to do with what federal money was appropriated.

Isn't Ted Stevens from Alaska? Again, what was she supposed to do, bend his "pork fork" with her frugal, Alaskan mind powers?

The libs are beside themselves. As we speak, MSM types are combing Alaska, and apparently the New York Times is planning a story about Trig Palin. Wow, who knew they were capable of such investigative work?

Surely not John Edwards and B.O..

Meanwhile, B.O. whines about her picking on him, proving again he is unworthy to be our commander-in-chief. B.O. is the incredible, shrinking messiah.

Here are the main points to all this: Don't be surprised when we learn that Gov. Palin doesn't walk on water, even frozen Alaskan water; and 2) The in-depth digging and clear double-standard applied to the Republican VP nominee won't escape the public's notice.

There might be hell to pay in November. Palin is the most popular politican in the country right now. Incredible. And on this score, consider: If she is such an inexperienced, extreme conservative lightweight, just how has she bamboozled more than 80% of Alaskans?

On Larry King Friday night, Michael Moore's first-blush reaction to Sarah Palin was: "She's an extremist." I thought: Wow, the extremist's extremist is ... what? It would appear mainstream.
One wonders how/if the Leftist brain works. Consider: If Palin is an extremist and governs as such, then how do you explain more than 80% of Alaskans approving of her performance? When every one is crazy but you, it's time to look in the mirror.

This entire saga is sure to have some twists and turns going forward, I am sure. So, fasten your belts. But it's fun to have some one to really pull for here.

Here's betting she'll be just fine. Her character has been built over a lifetime. She hasn't been simply prepping for interviews and to be VP.

When there are bumps ahead, I suspect we'll be reminded again that she is a real person like us. The MSM can unearth every rock in Alaska and they won't change this equation. Here's hoping they stay at it.