Saturday, September 06, 2008

Dear Mr. Obama

Our old friend Mark sends this along: Dear Mr. Obama

BTW, though the execution of the Iraq War was in deep trouble pre-surge, as the aforementioned video points out, it would be incredibly wrong to concede that going into Iraq itself was wrong. People need to be reminded of the context of the decision-making process and the near-universal belief that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction -- along with a history of using them -- with 9/11 clearly visible at that time in the rearview mirror.

The trouble is ... A lot of people now evaluate the Iraq War as if 9/11 never happened and/or it was ancient history at the time we invaded Iraq. With the information we had at the time, it was the right move to go into Iraq. The real debate was how to prevail and then come home. McCain, to his credit, was the nation's best leader on this issue. I don't believe it's political hyperbole to say that Iraq would have been lost without him pressing the surge.

Meanwhile, Obama now admits the surge worked (though he voted against it), but still ... can't bring himself to say he was wrong. Messiahs don't tend to err, you know.

Posting update: Inspired by the Sarah Palin candidacy, as I know many of you are, I will resume posting from now through Election Day. Due to real life considerations, don't expect much more than a weekly column. As always you can reach me on the other line of the internets (email) at dcutter-at-gmail-dot-com.

By the way, some of the accomplishments, etc., we have heard re: Sarah Palin have turned out/will turn out to contain some hyperbole. I mean, I don't think she adjusted the Northern Lights, although with an 86% approval rating, there are apparently some who think she could. I jest somewhat, but the point is ... when we confirm that Sarah Palin is not a perfect person/politician, it won't and doesn't change the game.

Rather, she is the real deal, and that's why she has changed the game. We'll discuss Monday.