Friday, June 13, 2008

So what now?

I went back and read my launch post for "Blogs for McCain's Opponent". If I do say so myself, I think it was just grand. Here it is again.

I must say that the slicing and dicing of Sen. McCain in my post of three years ago was pretty complete. Yes, I upset the McCainites so bad that the very last commenter called me a Dutch Bagholder. Made my day back then. But what about today?

I'd encourage you to read my "Blogs for McCain's Opponent's" launch post carefully, and read it to the end. I never intended then, and I don't intend now, to help a liberal Democrat (or worse) get elected to anything, much less to be the Commander-in-Chief in a time of war.

So, now we find ourselves in a fine predicament, do we not? As conservatives, we certainly can't be fired up about Johnny McCain. We remember ... McCain-Feingold ... the Gang of 14 ... McCain-Kennedy. The last hyphenated McCain mess is the immigration bill/debacle that conservatives derailed in '06. He's been the media's, not conservatives', darling these past 8 years for a reason.

Indeed, McCain has given conservatives more than enough reason to be unenthused about his candidacy. Still, he seems determined to up the ante even more. Now, he has joined the Green bandwagon, really the Green Church. But the Green god is parading down the street naked, don't you see? We just wrapped up the coldest April on record down here. It's freezing in the Northwest?! What? This whole deal is a massive genuflection to policital correctness, more governmental control of our lives, and corporate cash. Yes, Green is, well, green, as in cash. Tell consumers that you are eco-friendly, and voila, they reward you with green. Makes them feel good. Mind you, their good feelings are based on hot gas/nothing (which, happily, does not harm the environment), but they feel good, don't you know? So, they pay you cash, which is just as good as money. All of this makes me ill and harms my environment.

I thought I saw the End of the Age the other day when I was in a Wendy's drive-thru and they were bragging how green they are. Made me want to rev my engine and head to Mickey D's. Just give me my burger and a large cup of shut ... But I digress.

All of McCain's foibles (immigration, big media-friendly leglislation, green pandering, etc.) point out that he is the friend of big business, and by extension, big government. That's McCain's common thread and his Achilles' heel with conservatives. Yes, conservatives are aware how the interests of multinational mega-corporations diverge more and more from the national interest. And big gov't, the friend of big biz, well ... that used to mean what it meant to be one of us -- that you didn't like empowering the feds to do everything.

But even so, McCain has an opponent.

For simple troglodytes like myself, we can use simple gauges to know which way to go in times like these. Certainly, one of the truest Washington weather vanes is Sen. Ted Kennedy. For instance, we knew that Pres. Bush had gone too far, and that the Education Bill would surely be a big problem, when we learned that it was named Bush-Kennedy. Likewise, if we had any doubt as to whether Sen. McCain had gone way too far on the Immigration Bill, all we had to do was note that the bill was called McCain-Kennedy.

I am telling you ... Sen. Kennedy has always been a big help to conservatives seeking clarity. To put it in perspective, who in Washington can you honestly say would always come up with the wrong answer for the Left (a.k.a, the right answer) on every single question? Really, it's hard to think of any one. Such conservatives don't last long in Washington, but a true liberal icon and dinosaur that gets it wrong every time can last as long as, well, Sen. Byrd ... or Sen. Kennedy. It's the nature of D.C. and its long-term inhabitants who claim to be from other places.

So, who is Sen. Kennedy supporting in this year's presidential race? We'll talk about his choice, and then I will tell you what mine is and why ... next time.

In the meantime, what do you think? McCain or Obama? That's the choice, you know. One of these two will become president next year. So, don't tell me how many Libertarians can balance on a rolled-up Constitution, or the merits of a Nader candidacy (this is Ralph's year, after all).

Which one should it be -- McCain or Obama -- and why? These are the questions we face.

See you next time.