Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back at the Keyboard for a Few: I pause to explain a few thoughts about American Exceptionalism

Well, my plan has been and remains to post a few thoughts on the upcoming election. We'll see where it goes, but real life continues to call. In the meantime, I was inspired by the thread below to comment on the phrase that both offends and repels hard-core liberals everywhere: American Exceptionalism.

I feel about that phrase how Patton felt about combat: I do love it so.

I stirred up our ol' pal, Charlie, by invoking the phrase in the global warming debate below (we have sometimes strayed into religion around here, you know).

In our debate below, I mentioned that one of the Left's reasons for promoting Environmentalism is that the Left resents American Exceptionalism. Our prosperity is part of that exceptionalism. Thus, the Left resent our big cars, big houses, and the air conditioners that cool them.

In the thread below, Charlie commented,
"We're all people. Daisy, and I am not kidding here... I literally have tears in my eyes... we are all people. Think about that when you want to flaunt "American Exceptionalism" as a virtue. They (whoever "they" are at the time) are people, too.

I wouldn't ask you to sympathize with a Palestinian suicide bomber any more than I would ask you to forgive Timothy McVeigh.

But the world is filled with people.

I wouldn't express those thoughts in the way that Charlie does, but I agree with his sentiments. That is, I believe, even though I argue and fight hard for what I believe in, that God is bigger than me. His ways are not my ways. I try to keep my fight is on the level of ideas. Indeed, all people have equal value. Actually, I would go farther than Charlie. I think all people (even the really bad ones like Larry Craig) have equal value in God's eyes.

But here is my point: All countries and systems of government do not have equal value. Some are better than others. Others are far, far better than others. America has been, and remains, exceptional among nations.

And by the way ... Why is it considered "moving to the center" by Obama when he runs an ad claiming that he loves America? This tells you most of what you need to know about the modern American Left.

Now, listen to what happened while I was responding to Charlie's comment in the thread below.

I am typing away a response to Charlie, and then ...

Our Spanish-speaking cleaning lady comes by my office at about 9:30 p.m. CST. She speaks very little English. By some twist of fate (I think Providence, really), I was watching the Astros. That's not a big deal. It's actually to be expected, because I am a glutton for punishment. But something is wrong with my TV, and this is where Providence meets beliefs ... meets real life. The Astros for some reason are in Spanish on my TV this night. Something happened. I think I hit a button or something, and I can't get it fixed. It's only on this channel, too. I still can speak some Spanish, so I am watching and listening. I mean, I can tell what is happening by watching. Plus, I can understand some of what the announcers are saying.

Our cleaning lady comes in my office, hears the Spanish on TV, and asks me (in Spanish) if I speak Spanish. I tell her, "Un poco." She laughs. Then, we have about a ten-minute conversation re: my Spanish-speaking history, including my dad's fluency in the language. I have talked to her before, but never to this extent. She asks me if we have any other lawyers who speak Spanish. I laugh. I have been promoted to Spanish-speaking lawyer. Eventually, I find out that she wants to locate an immigration lawyer for her husband.

So, I am going to find an immigration lawyer for her, and then call her this week and give her a name. I can't speak for what the immigration lawyer will do, but she won't get charged for my time.

The foregoing is a simple, small act that gives insight into what one person believes about the value of other people.

Why do I tell you this? Well, Charlie, et al., it's certainly not to impress those of you who don't know me. Those who do know me well don't seem really impressed by this here blog, so ... I tell you so you can get some insight into what my beliefs really are.

But remember (and I do understand the irony of this point): You won't find out what people really believe on a blog. You can only see it in how they live their lives. Real belief is found in real life.

Mind you, one of my biggest problems with Johnny McCain is his track record on immigration. We've "spilled a lot of ink" on this subject, for sure. I understand the appearance of irony, but for me, there's not an inconsistency.

Yes, people are the same everywhere. There are great people everywhere, except maybe Arkansas.

But seriously ... there are great people everywhere.

But the greatest country is right here. We live in it, by God's grace. I view it as my duty to do my part to ensure that it stays exceptional for future generations.