Saturday, March 31, 2007

Anatomy of a Moderate

The Al Gonzales circus goes on. The MSM and their Demo allies wait for the Republican carcass to fall. Another arrow ... and then another ... the anticipation builds.

Should Gonzales fall, the Demo/Left/Same Thing/MSM coalition surely will celebrate yet another triumph of beating an enemy into submission.

But wait ... How could the AG truly be regarded as an enemy by the Left? Recall that he was, rightfully, rejected as a SC nominee over concerns that he is not conservative enough. The AG is a slightly-right-of-center, moderate type. He's pro-choice on abortion. He's the President's man, alright, and he has shown a willingness to go to the mat for Pres. Bush. He's been pretty solid on the War on Militant Islam.

But he ain't no real conservative.

I mean, he's tried to let it be known, too. He's even a minority. So, what gives? Why is it such a big deal to get a RINO/moderate/same thing scalp?

Well, it's for the Demo base. More on why in a minute. But first, we must ask: When will these moderate types get it? Probably never.

You see, the last thing that the the Hegelian Washington set wants to be known as is some extreme conservative Republican, like ooooooh, one of those slimy, Bible-believing, apple-pie eatin' types. Indeed, in hushed tones around campfires, moderates gravely warn: "You know, there are actually extremists out there who believe in God and country." Their enlightened moderate and liberal audiences concur and shiver under their blankets, pitying the the horrifying specter of the unwashed. (cue Vincent Price laugh and/or "Phantom of the Opera" organ). "Stop scraring us!", they implore.

It seems one of the few things that true moderates are committed to is telling leftists that they are not extremists like those wascally conservatives. By this, they hope both to be liked and to preserve their places at the seats of power.

But moderates will ultimately do neither, for they fail to understand the Left and its allies.

You see, most moderates, being liberals or liberal sympathizers, don't see that it's the leftists who are the extremists. And extremists can not countenance those who are not true believers.

Moderates are not conservatives, true. But they are not true believer, Jim Jones-style extremists, either.

Thus, they must go, as well, until the entire ideological "line", if you will, is purified.

Ah, but the funny thing is ... the Militant Islamists who have forged a tacit, working relationship with today's Left will do the same thing to the Left once they get the chance.

Extremism is as extremism does.

One man's extremist is another's moderate.

Only those with convictions grounded in objective truth can and will survive this onslaught. Al Gonzales and his ilk are always the first casualties when the extremists hit the beaches.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Where have you gone, Daisy Cutter? Our nation ...

turns its lonely eyes to you ... woo, woo, woo. Well, not quite.

Been working, coaching baseball, kids, life, etc. Life and the clock are unrelenting.

The world turns. I gotta ask you, though ... Have you learned your lesson yet? I mean, I see that all sorts of good things are happening with replacing Republican minor-league pork barrelers with the pros. Loading up the anti-war bill with pork is a classic demonstration of decadent cowardice.

The Democrats are so pathetic, they even have to buy anti-war votes. I mean, brother, can you spare an honest anti-American leftist? I know, some of you love to flog Republicans, and some surely deserve it.

Yes, there are few perfect choices in life.

The sharks are swirling in the water, it seems. And the AG seems to be bleeding, too. Republicans should go four-corners and watch how principles change when it's an election year. All this will pass.

But in the meantime, what happens to the country? When the Demos are in charge of any branch of government, all you can do is hope to avoid or forestall calamity. But golly, I feel so learned having them in charge. I have learned my lesson all right.

What was it, again?

Our hope is never ultimately in government. In times of crisis, we turn our lonely eyes not to Congress, but to our Joe Dimaggios. Actually, we turn our eyes to the real heroes whose names are known only to their families, colleagues, cohorts, and such. Our power is today where it has always resided ... in the American people.

Speaking of which, there are some good indicators out there. I hear that 300 is a great movie, albeit with some Greek-like nudity. It's interesting to see what movies are coming out. It usually indicates where people are and where they want to go.

And there have been a couple of interesting things happen around these parts lately. Yesterday, they had a huge service of a fallen soldier up in Conroe; the memorial service was held at a giant church up there. Last week, a local street was shut down for a couple of hours as another young soldier was laid to rest.

It's a wonderful thing to see mixture of pride, sorrow, and resolve that these events are building in the populace. One would think that such losses would sap a people, but from what I see, the opposite is occurring.

All depends upon your perspective and your character, I guess. I am surrounded by ordinary, yet great Americans. Our eyes need not be sorrowful or lonely.

The American spirit is far too strong to be surrendered, yes, still. I know there are contrary indicators. I know, and I see a number of them, too. I get discouraged at times. But still ...

And it looks like we are slowly but surely we may be seeing some results from Gen. Petraeus's strategy in Iraq. What do you know? I thought the Demos passed a law saying that couldn't happen. Some one needs to tell our troops.

I guess there are limits to government, after all. Now, that's a reason to be upbeat.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Away ...

A Supreme Court nominee was under fire, and the critics swarmed. A woman named Anita Hill appeared with allegations so fantastic that they surely must've been ... Pressure mounted to withdraw the nomination.

And then Clarence Thomas stepped to the microphone and said, "God, Sen. Metzenbaum, is my judge." When I heard these words, I rose from my chair and cheered. Many other conservatives did likewise. It was on.

The battle was engaged. Eventually, Hill and her web of deceit were undone by a withering cross-examination by, of all people, a moderate senator from Pennsylvania. Arlen Specter, the former prosecutor, had what was his finest hours in the Senate, by far.

And Clarence Thomas was eventually confirmed.

I wonder if any of the Republicans in Congress remembers, or would rise to the occasion if they did.

A long time ago in a galaxy far away ...

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Freak Show Unabated

Emboldened by the Libby verdict and wobbly Republican responses re: firing U.S. attorneys, this Spring finds the Demos in full flower mania and leftist gorging.

A president has the right to fire all of the U.S. attorneys, and then some. It seems, though, that this Administration is stuck in apology mode. No one can or will take credit for any aggressive actions, only passive ones. As a result, they are left looking apologetic when they ought to be taking credit ... and taking credit when they ought to be apologetic.

When you are surrounded by political opponents and outright enemies, you need to be bold and let the chips fall where they may. You have to fight, not hug your way out.

Sensing momentum and with elections still a ways off ... I see that Henry Waxman has summoned the "operative" Valerie Plame to the Hill, to investigate ... in the people's interests, of course. What a complete crock this is. What a joy to have the opportunity to tell them all. But no one seizes the moment.

The horror of starting down Waxman's cavernous nostrils for days should have been enough to tip the '06 elections to the Republicans, but alas ...

The freak show continues to pick up steam. Is there no one in Congress who will stand up and call such lunacy what it is? Is there no one who will mock Waxman, chide Democrats as jihadi-sympathizers, and insist on cutting off diplomatic relations with Mexico until its president can confirm that his relatives here are legal?

Momentum is a neutral, but if you're parked on an incline, it's not.

Timidity breeds more of the same.

As does courage.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What's Wrong with Us

Aside from the fact that I am too busy to devote sufficient attention to this worthy blog endeavor, I mean ...

I must confess something to you. I have chided some of you re: being overly negative. I try to stay positive about the state of the nation and the world, for a number of reasons. First, generally, I am positive. I am not polyanna, but my worldview and faith give me reasons to be positive, at least in the long-term.

And also I just believe in the innate goodness of American and its people. I think we have huge advantages over our enemies.

But still ... I must confess, I get it. I see things in the news, from the Libby verdict, the Gonzales sharks swarming, the Demos' relentless pursuit of American defeat in Iraq, the brouhaha over Gen. Peter Pace's stating a mainstream opinion re: homosexuality.

It looks dark out there some, no on a number of days.

I was at the grocery store with Mrs. Daisy Cutter the other night and we were checking out. The nice, personable young checker was in a conversational mood, and the crowd was light. I forget what prompted the exchange, but he said that he's "seen it all" as a checker, meaning that people try all sorts of things (i.e., getting food without paying for it).

I motioned to the hilarious/sad/amusing/depressing rack full of supermarket tabloids, most of which contained some story re: Britney Spears' rehab and/or the latest story of Anna Nicole's mystery baby, et al. I said to the chatty checker, "I bet you do see it all, don't you?" He nodded in agreement.

After a short pause, our checker commented how more people watched "American Idol" than the President's address. "And what does that tell you?," I asked.

"That we need a new president," Einstein responded.

Like I said, there are legitimate reasons to be concerned.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

It is I ...

OBE these days. But still, I shall return. Next Monday. How about that?

In the meantime, discuss below ... One thing I would like to post on but can't do justice at this point is the Scooter Libby verdict?

What are your thoughts? But hey, as always, don't let the post limit the comment thread.

See you soon.