Friday, July 06, 2007

Three Years ...

... might just be enough.

Yes, it's true. I've been thinking about this a while, and I think it's time to step back for a time, maybe for good.

I won't bore you with the gory details, but let's just say, it's time to step back. I want to preface what follows by letting you all know that I am not mad, not upset, none of that. I am doing well, actually.

As for why I am stepping back, I will tell you this: There's a lot going on in real life. You know, I have 4 kids, ages 6 to 16 ... a wife of 21 years ... a law practice (allegedly) ... I am a baseball coach, etc., etc. Looking around, I find that most bloggers out here that aren't making money at this don't seem to have the things going on that I do. There's a reason for this. My real life and the goodwill at home call me back.

Yes, real life is real, and really ... that's where life is at. Much of what happens to me that is really noteworthy and life-changing happens out in the real world. But it doesn't and can't get discussed here. That's not a criticism. It's just the nature of the enterprise.

I started this blog three years ago to make a difference, if only in some microscopic way. I don't know if I have made a difference at all, but that was and remains my intent here ... aside from "doodling into the air" whilst living out my passion. I like to write. Still do. To be more accurate, I like writing with a purpose. That won't change.

In this space, I have wanted to do my small part as part of the information war to defend America, our culture, and our way of life. We remain in a great struggle with Militant Islam. And we must win. There is no other option, no negotiated peace to pursue. With each passing day, we see the unfolding horrors of the unmasked face of our jihadi enemies.

Yet, the comfortable, the affluent, the ignorant, and many of our politicians (which tend to be a combination of all three) would rather not be bothered with the foregoing. It is too unpleasant. No, they would rather not be disturbed from their slumber. But we owe it to our countrymen, and indeed to the world, to tell the truth and continue to wake as many as possible ... to prevent the nightmare from becoming reality.

As I have said here a number of times, most recently on Independence Day, freedom can not negotiate with slavery. America's own history shows that forestalling true liberty for all makes conflict inevitable. We don't know yet exactly what "prevailing" will actually look like in this new kind of war. But we'll find out in time. And when we do, then we know the precise direction we must go -- toward complete victory, as we did in WWII.

My uncle the former Marine and Viet Nam vet has told me that he thinks we'll be fighting Militant Muslims in earnest for the next 100 years. I don't know if he's right, but, absent the End of the Age, I am sure he is closer to being right than our Microwaveable-Foreign-Policy Congress is on the subject. So, "stand up, buckle up, and shuffle to the door."

One recurring theme that I written about here is simply this: America is worth defending. It is a special thing to be an American. It doesn't mean we are better than the world. It means we are more blessed than most every one in the world. I hope I have encouraged you to remember this. Ah, America, I do love this nation so. And I love all our friends and people of goodwill everywhere who show this earthly "Shining City" the love and respect that it deserves.

And in defending America, the West, and what we stand for, I would argue that the best way to do this, in spite of the seriousness of the times, is to do it with a smile and with style. That is, we tackle the great issues of the day not only with a purpose, but also with good cheer. Belief is more persuasive and powerful, although more difficult to maintain, than cynicism.

We have also talked about what a "nation" is, and I have argued that a nation is not merely a goverment. Rather, a nation has a government. A nation (any nation) also has a culture and a border. Without any one of the three -- a culture, a government, a border -- then a nation is a nation in name only. In addition to the threat from Militant Islam, we've got challenges at home on all three fronts. The stakes are high in these times.

Please bear in mind that my absence from this cyber-post doesn't mean that I am less committed to defendiing the nation or to the ideas expressed here for the last three years. Quite the contrary, I am as "gung ho" as ever. In fact, I'll be hanging around some of my favorite sites, with a comment or two, from time to time.

I have enjoyed the ride here very much, and I thank every one of you who has stopped by to lurk, comment, argue, agree, or not. It's been great. Thank you all for your time and for your passion for the nation. Time is the most precious resource that any of us has. I thank you for all you invested here. Your comments and contributions here have educated and inspired me, time and again.

I am especially grateful to you regulars. Many of you have contributed to our nation over and above, and yet you continue to go well beyond the call of duty. I won't call you out, but you know who you are. You have my utmost respect, and as a result, my affection. You have reminded me many times over to always believe in the power of a solitary individual who is relentless in the pursuit of what is right. And as one of you told me once, never, never underestimate the importance of your faithful service in whatever has been placed in front of you today. Your efforts this very day matter greatly. Indeed, that's how a culture, a society, a civilization is built ... with one faithful act stacked upon another, and another. Keep pressing on.

As for the future of this blog long term, I honestly don't know now. I will let you know around Christmas ... right here. My plan is to check back on December 21 to let you know.

I suspect it may be hard to stay away, especially with the elections in '08. Right now, though, I am sick of the elections already. I know, it will get important and interesting next year. Looking ahead, I am pulling for Fred to get in soon (officially) and make it fun for us conservatives. If Newt jumps in, it will be double-fun. Maybe they can run together. I already have their campaign theme: "We may be ugly, but we're right."

I am also hoping that my fellow conservatives will do the right thing and decide that, whoever the nominee of the Republican Party may be, we must ensure that the Democrats do not grab the White House in these times. Remember this: The first duty of the federal goverment is national security. Also, there's a real short book in the library that I hope you'll check out entitled, "Debates by Dead People." These are important times, and this fact should unite, not divide us.

Now, you'll note that there is no space for comments below. Why? Well, this reminds me of a funny story. Once, Julie B (a real person, in fact a really nice person who I have really talked to ... albeit on the phone) got huffy because I posted a picture of Pres. Bush without allowing comments. What a hoot! Funny how blogging changes our perspective on real life. It has changed mine, from time to time, too.

The simple truth is that sometimes one makes a judgment that a particular post says enough. Plus, a lot of these blogger farewell deals are just mini-narsco-dramas with all the please-don't-go teary pleas from other bloggers who are plugging their blogs ("Can I have these readers now since dude has given up the ghost?").

If you want to contact me, you can reach me at dcutter-at-gmail-dot-com. I would like to hear from you, and I'll continue to check the email.

From the outset, this blog has been about ideas, and in that spirit, I'd like to leave you with some thoughts, principally related to the subject of living a life that makes a difference and finishing well. So, consider:

We marvel at human creativity, but indeed, there is nothing new under the sun.

Ultimately, the value of what happens in this life is determined by the One whom we will stand before in the next.

The best way to influence the world is focus on "small unit tactics", that is, start with your own family. Work out from there, into your community, and so on. But if you forget what is at home and fail to build from there, you are building your house on sand.

There are very few people in your life whose opinions really matter. One of the keys to a successful life is figuring out who these people are.

If you realize you have fallen in life, don't worry. You've just joined the crowd. Now, get up.

A lot of people along the way to a life that makes a difference get shipwrecked by difficulties. If and when this happens to you, reach out. We weren't made to make it alone in this life. Isolation leads to a loss of perspective, ineffectiveness, and ultimately to death.

Indeed, life is short, but its consequences -- and your soul -- last forever. So, live in light of eternity.

Be bold. In life, defense wins games, but offense wins championships and changes civilizations. A coward dies a thousand deaths.

Life is unfair. So, take some time to thank God that you haven't gotten what you deserve.

True life ... and joy ... are found in serving others. One must die to his own desires to truly live.

If you know something you need to say ... say it, today. "Thank you" is something that can and should be said every day.

Ask yourself: What in the world did I do to deserve being born in the greatest nation in history, with everything that I need, with people who care about me, and with the opportunity to know and serve God? Nothing. Yes, life is unfair, but God is good.

If you are spending more time on the computer than you are talking to your spouse, well, you need to stop blogging, reading blogs, surfing the internet, reading emails, etc., so much. The real thing, yes, a good person worthy of your time and attention, may be right there, maybe in the next room ... maybe in the same room. Don't miss it.

I've studied a lot, and I've learned a lot from a lot of smart people. So, I'll steal the following from a tremendously learned fellow who was asked to name the greatest thing he had learned in all his years of study. It is this: "Jesus loves me, this I know ... for the Bible tells me so."

Indeed, there is nothing new under the sun, except that which flows from the One who created all things new.

Take care.

Semper Fidelis.