Monday, July 02, 2007

Last time I'm ever doing one of these things ...

I know such trivialities irks the erudite readers of this blog, so I will do this only this one last time, promise. Here is the deal:

Julie is a big meme fiend, so she "tags" me. Not wanting to be rude, I will answer, and would only do it for a great blog friend like Julie. But I am going to compromise and do it like a leftist ... that is, I will make up my own rules/ignore the rules of the meme.

Here is Julie's post.

To spice up the boring meme and to give it the flair deserving a non-meme doer, erudite type like me, I will post Julie's answers and give answers in the general subject matter of "random facts". Confused? Don't worry, you won't be for long.

Here goes:

Julie: 1. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when JFK was shot.

DC: I was a very young baby when JFK was shot.

Julie: 2. My first paying job was as an exercise jockey at Santa Anita racetrack.

DC: I didn't even know they had fitness centers at the track. I am going to check it out the next time I get down to Sam Houston Park. Okay, I am getting off easy here ... First paying job was when I was 14, working as a handyman/janitor at a local office building.

Julie: 3. Weapon of choice is a 62" longbow.

DC: When confronted with foes wielding large bows, I pull out my .38 and take my chances.

Julie: 4. I work in a cheese factory.

DC: I know what it's like to work at a job that stinks. Actually, I work at a sausage, er, obfuscation ... No, I work in a law office. And I represent truth and justice.

Julie: 5. I translated French documents for ERDA (used to be Atomic Energy Commision) about nuclear reactors.

DC: Oh, my. In honor of new French President Nicolas Sarkozy, I will refrain from a French joke at this time. Let's see ... the most interesting translation work that I have ever done was when I cut grass at a local school district (at an unnamed school district to protect the guilty) with some workers that were, maybe, shall we say "undocumented" way, way back when I was in high school. Since I spoke Spanish, I was the translator/go-between for the Mexican workers and the high school kids working there that summer. Was one of the best jobs I ever had.

Bonus Random Fact(s): I'd wager that I've cut more grass than most of the readers of this here blog. I'm counting three or four summers, full-time, plus a half while I was in law school, plus working while I was in school during the school year. Shoot, cutting grass was the first job I had out of college and I was cutting grass full time when I got married, now that I think of it. And I'm still padding my stats, too. But I don't get paid to do it, any more. Now, it's back to amateur status. You know this reminds me ... There's just some jobs Americans won't do. You know?

Julie: 6. In college I learned how to shoe a horse and scale the brick wall of the men's dorm.

DC: Most exciting thing I have scaled is probably the Confidence Course at Quantico, with a nice, thin layer of ice on it.

Julie: 7. I come from a family of writers. (sadly that doesn't help out this blog)

DC: I come from a family of blue collar people. Neither of my parents finished college. My dad was a traveling salesman for most of his days, until the rise of Wal-Mart. My mother was a bookkeeper and worked for many years managing gas stations for Mobil Oil. She was held up a couple of times and kept on doing it. A couple of guys tried to hold up my dad once, but he had his bat with him (I come from a family of baseball fans, too.) My mother wanted me to become a lawyer. My dad never forgave me for becoming one.

Julie: 8. My new goal is to learn how to joust.

DC: I am not much of a goal-setter, truth be told. But I will tell you this: I stay the heck away from people coming after me on horseback with long poles, or I at least get to a location where I can get a good shot at them. I mean, didn't machine guns, aircraft and the like render such warfare obsolete? But seriously, jousting? Is there a league or what? Speaking of real sports ...

Bonus Random Fact: Saw Houston's Craig Biggio get his 3,000th hit on June 28. Was there in person with my 14-year-old son. Biggio got 5 hits on the night (for only the second time in his 20-year career), and the Astros rallied to win with a walk-off grand slam by Carlos Lee. When we were leaving, my son said it was the most amazing game he'd ever seen. I've been following the Astros since I was about 7, and it was the most amazing game I've ever seen, too.

Okay, the Erudition Light is now turned back "on".