Monday, June 25, 2007

Tuesday is Immigration D-Day ...

In the meantime, a good senator to contact would be Sen. John Ensign of Nevada. He is said to be on the fence (No pun intended. Of course, no one in Congress is actually "on" the fence. The fence is not being built.)

Sen. Ensign is head of the Republican National Senatorial Committee, that is, he is coordinating the efforts to get Republicans recruited for and elected to the Senate in '08. In other words, he has a tough job that guys like McCain, Lott, Specter, Kyl, and Graham are making much tougher.

You can call Sen. Ensign at 202-224-6244. You also can email him.

He is in a tough spot, to say the least. So, I say we politely remind him of this.

Really, wayward Republicans are undermining the ability of the party to raise money nationally, and in a big way. Oh, well ... gotta break some eggs, I guess.

By the way, I see that Sen. Lott-of-Hairspray is waffling (I know, this is a shocker to you) on the bill now. The same guy who said last week that "talk radio is running the country" said on Fox News Sunday that he is "not committed to supporting the final product." He just wants to let the process move forward.

What a hoot! And what a politician. You have to love it. But remember, they do answer to a massive public outcry. In the end, they want to keep their jobs.

If you vote against three-fourths of the nation on an issue where people feel passionately, where the nation's security and identity are at stake, well, consider yourself looking for a new job.

The House is already digging in for a battle royal if this thing makes it over there. All of them are up next year, and they know it will get ugly if they pass this. Maybe we will see congressional approval ratings in the single-digits before this thing is over?

How much you want to bet that one of the Senate "supporters" of the bill who is going wobbly snuggles up to Harry Reid and encourages him to let the thing get KO'ed in the cloture vote? That would be great. Let's hope.

And ... another reason to be hopeful: Any movement that relies upon moderates to provide "backbone" is in serious trouble.

Should be a fun week.