Friday, June 08, 2007

That Iceberg the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" Bill Just Hit ...

... may have done the trick. I think I was one of the first to say ... it ain't happenin'. It might happen at some point in the future, but this bill looks to be officially dead.

All you naysayers, I know, are ready to be mad about the bill that Hillary is going to sign, with a Democrat Congress in '09. Sure, it may happen. But it might not. Point is, it looks like the disaster that is the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill" du jour has been averted.

As people who know America and her borders are worth protecting, we ought to believe enough in our people to rise up when it matters. Keep the faith.

With this bill and the audacious way that the Senate attempted to foist it on us, without their gigantic monstrosity even being read ("Trust us, we're from the government, we're here to help you, and we really mean it this time when we say that this is the last amnesty, and we'll get right on that fence."), now the tenor of the debate has changed.

For they were caught in the night, trying to steal across what remains of an America that cares about its border.

The message from the majority of Americans, not simply troglodytes like me, is: Enforce the current laws and add true enforcement measures to keep out illegals while punishing businesses who violate the law. Then, we can talk re: what to do next. If the Congress would simply take this approach, many people would be open to a discussion as to what we do with those illegals who are already here. However, the continuing unwillingness to discuss meaningful border enforcement means that people don't believe what their government tells them on this subject, and the mistrust is as deep as ever.

Start with enforcing the border meaningfully, with a fence, a means to track every one in the U.S., and with punitive measures for those businesses who hire illegals. Then we can actually know how many illegals we really have to deal with. Failure to enforce the border first is a ruse to create a bigger problem, because it's not much of a "problem" any way in the eyes of the proponents of McCain-Kennedy-Bush. But if we enforce the border and punish those who treat the U.S. like a supermarket, then a lot of the illegals won't come and won't need the perks they are currently being offered via "comprehensive immigration reform". That's the dirty little secret that a lot of McCain-Bush-Kennedy proponents don't want people to know.

But hey ... we've got them outnumbered, as recent events have demonstrated. Don't kid yourself: As I said here a while ago, politicians can be influenced if they think they will lose their jobs. They really can. That's the way the system works here ... still.

Finally, another benefit of this bill is that it effectively ended any hopes McCain had to become president. That's not a bad side benefit, I would argue. All of the Republican presidential hopefuls are getting great traction hammering the bill ... the McCain-Bush-Kennedy bill.

Right now those three names are not real popular in Republican circles.