Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Staying in the game ...

I'd like to move on to other subjects, but "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" seems to be the priority of our government. What an amazing display of focused energy upon a bill that three-fourths of the public does not want. It does make you scratch your head.

When we see wildly unpopular leglislation -- a bill opposed not just by the Republican base but by three-fourths of the country -- we have a problem. And not just in Houston.

Plus, the opposition is intense. Yet, those with superior knowledge than I press onward.

I read somewhere that if Pres. Bush had put this much effort into other stated priorities that we would have, oh, a democratic Iraq and a solvent social security system by now.

Apparently, yesterday's cloture vote was to allow the process to "move forward", while Harry Reid and his inner circle figured out what amendments they would allow to be discussed and how. Meanwhile, they keep the country in the dark and play "kingmakers" (or is it "citizen-voter-better-profit-margin-makers") for the rest of the nation. The whole process is a sham.

Now, I hear they are having another vote tomorrow on whether to clamp down on amendments to Bush-McCain-Kennedy. A few senators who allowed the process to venture into a preliminary discussion of amendments are now wobbling and wanting to defect from the dark side.

Go to Laura Ingraham's website to get contact links for the wobbling 8. Since they had 64 in favor of limiting debate yesterday, my understanding is that we need five of the wobblers to switch to the right side to put this senatorial fiasco out of its misery. Full disclosure: I sent an email to all of them, except Sen. Bond of Missouri. I understand he has already said he will vote against cloture tomorrow.

And keep in mind: The House is saying "no way" over here. Remember: All of them are up for election next year. Funny how the two bodies function in relation to the public, huh?

Redstate has been doing tremendous work on this issue. Check out this post, featuring Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina, one of the real heroes of this debate.

Keep the faith.