Monday, June 11, 2007

Lots of angst to go around re: the immigration bill ...

and I certainly understand. I share it.

Maybe this will give you a lift, though. I must confess, the phrase "poison pill", referencing amendments put in the immigration legislation to kill it (i.e., the Dorgan Amendment to sunset the sacred "guest worker" provision after 5 years) makes me chuckle. I just can't get images of panicked senators walking very fast with their tassled loafer heels clicking as the scurry back to their offices to regroup.

I put the following in the same category: Apparently, Harry Reid is getting the lion's share of the blame for the immigration debacle unfolding in Washington. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of blame to go around, and for Republicans like Bush, McCain, Specter, Kyl, etc.

But it is a hoot to see Capt. Greanjeans going down with the ship.

In life, it's all about perspective. If you think things can't be worse, well ...

From Rassmussen Reports, we learn the following:

38% of Americans -- Have a favorable view of VP Dick Cheney;

35% of Americans -- Have a favorable view of Pres. Bush;

27% of Americans -- Think the President doing a good or excellent job with respect to Iraq; and

23% of Americans -- Support the failed "comprehensive immigration reform" bill.

And there are these nuggets:

19% of Americans -- Have a favorable view of Scooter Libby; and

19% of Americans -- Have a favorable view of Harry Reid.

So ... Dick Cheney is twice as popular as Harry Reid, who is just a popular as Scooter Libby.

Also, the President's Iraq policy is more popular than "comprehensive immigration reform". More of the public thinks the President is doing a good or excellent job handling Iraq than supports the immigration bill. Plus, the president has almost 50% more support for his handling of Iraq than Harry Reid has support. Incredible.

What are the odds Pres. Bush could get the go-ahead from Congress today to invade Iraq? But, regarding the immigration bill ... he says he'll "see us at the signing ceremony." We'll see.

But wait ... Pres. Bush goes to Capitol Hill to expend some "political capital" tomorrow. He's got a lot of it you know, depending on your perspective.