Friday, June 22, 2007

Both Texas Senators on the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" Bill: No.

Both Texas Sens. Cornyn and Hutchison are on board in opposing the Senate's Immigration Bill that is lumbering into an ambush, maybe as early as next week. I hate to brag, you know, being a Texan and all, but ... okay, how many states can boast that both of their senators got it right on this bill?

But what do we know, just being the nation's second most populous state, and a border state to boot?

To recap, Sen. Hutchison was trying to patch the thing up with an ill-advised amendment. But to her credit, she has righted her course. Something tells me she has heard from a few Texans. Oh, well. She's heard from at least one. I also contacted Sen. Cornyn -- who has been great in this debate -- and I got the following email in return:

Thank you for contacting me about immigration reform. The need to fix our broken system is clear, and I appreciate having the benefit of your insight on one of the most important issues of our day.

Immigration reform ultimately must be about improving our system for legal immigration, not about creating new benefits for illegal aliens. Although we are a proud nation of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws. If policymakers will agree that all immigrants must abide by the rule of law, then we can reach a consensus on ways to improve the legal process so that it meets the needs of our society, our economy and our national security.

Recently, the Senate debated S. 1348, a comprehensive immigration reform bill. However, I had serious concerns that the legislation, as drafted, would have repeated the well documented mistakes of the 1986 amnesty bill. If we fail to address the rampant fraud and fail to close all loopholes in our current broken system, then we will fail to truly reform our system.

I have been working throughout my time in the Senate to develop a solution to this problem that I believe will work. I would invite you to visit my website at to acquaint yourself with the immigration reforms I support. As we consider this bill in the Senate and beyond, I will continue to promote these policies, but I will oppose any bill that rewards illegal conduct and encourages further disrespect for our laws.

I appreciate the opportunity to represent the interests of Texans in the United States Senate. Thank you for taking the time to contact me.
Way to go, Sen. Cornyn. Now, I plan to be firmly behind Sen. Cornyn's reelection efforts in '08. I've got his request for a campaign donation sitting on my desk at home.

On the other hand ... barring a dramatic turnaround of party behavior, this may be the first year in a very long time that I am not an RNC member. Showing a impeccable since of timing, I got my third, fourth, whatever, desperate reminder in the mail just this past week, imploring me to please, please, PLEASE ... get that donation in the mail ASAP.

So, I am returning my response slip (and I'll even pay the postage, as always) this weekend, with the note: "Enforce the border like you said you would (just last year), and then we can talk."

Finally, if your senators aren't yet on board with 72% of the American people who want enforcement of the border before any further changes in immigration law are made, then call them. Be polite, and remind them that it always pays to do the right thing, especially when the voters, the base, and the people who donate to and work for their campaigns are watching.

Be of good cheer.