Saturday, May 12, 2007

Moving on from Religion and back again ...

What is Obama thinking with the gaffe of the century ... "10,000 dead in Kansas"? Makes you wonder. He is toast. This gaffe shows not only what is, or rather, isn't there with Obama, but also what lies ahead. It won't be pretty when the lights get turned up. And people don't even know yet that his middle name is Hussein. It will get ugly.

It's fascinating to think about what makes some one say such a thing. Is it the syndrome of the guy who always has to have the better story? Is it something where an individual maybe wants there to be great problems to solve, so the problems are magnified? Did he just goof? But how do you get from less than 20 to 10,000, though? It's puzzling, to be sure.

In any event, it's a bummer to have the hugest gaffe of the election season occur so far from the election. Last year, we had Dean imploding in Iowa as Tom Harkin looked on silently (but obviously) wondering: "Where's the net, any way?" And then John Kerry was for the war before he was against it ... used Botox before he didn't ... and when all else failed, grabbed a football in front of the cameras.

Never underestimate in this video age the power of the "photo-gaffe".

Bonus "photo-gaffe": And then Kerry reminded us that he was a multi-sport star. All of this, of course, had the added benefit of reminding us that the Swift Vets were correct and his medals were clearly fraudulent. Frankly, I don't believe Kerry was even in Viet Nam, any more, because women were not allowed in the combat zone at that time.

Why do I drag out this old horse to beat it again, you ask? Well, for one thing, it still makes me laugh to see those pics of JFKerry. Also, it tweaks the Donks to bring it up, because they just know he would have won if he didn't insist on "playin' a little ball" on the tarmac.

Yet, in their anguish, the Demos forget that we did, of course, utilize the Rove Hack-o-tron in Ohio to great effect. That bothers them, too, to even joke about such a weighty matter, for they don't know if I am joking.

Okay, wheeling on back to matters of faith, via our old friend Cranky, I learned that Starbucks was at it again in pushing their secular, leftist thinking on unwitting customers. It appears that Starbucks put an offensive comment on their coffee cups "to promote thought", or some such nonsense.

Well, we learn the full scoop, including Starbuck's amazing apology via that wily ol' genius Wuzzadem.

Warning: Zarq gets loose at the end and calls a female barista a "mama canine".