Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Red-on-Red on May Day? Say it is so.

Is al-Masri, the AQI leader, dead or not? Hard to say, at present. What does George Tenet have to say? That he knew that al-Masri would die at some point?

But seriously, here is a rundown. Getting al-Masri would be tremendous, of course. Whether he's gone or not, though, clearly some interesting things are shaking in Iraq. Apprently, we have some Sunni-on-Sunni, red-on-red taking place. Or are these now Sunni friendlies taking on AQ? That would be quite a development. In either event, if we have Sunnis taking on AQ in a meaningful way, then the Iraq War may indeed be heading in a positive direction.

Memo to hand-wringers everywhere: Bad guys always have to keep their heads on a swivel, that is, sleep with one eye open. This is especially true when you gas people, even purported allies who do not tow a sufficiently militant jihadi line.

Is it just me, or are those AQ fellows not very winsome?

But to the MSM and the Left, the AQ jihadis are like the Geico cavemen. If they weren't so misunderstood by Western technocrats and insurance adjusters, we'd see that they were really sensitive types with real feelings.

And if they are not lovable cavemen, America's jihadi enemies are granted superhero status by the MSM and knee-knockers everywhere.

But it appears evil has a hard time maintaining "coalitions of the willing". And when the unwilling are not unarmed, then the front lines shift.