Thursday, May 10, 2007

Google Ads Fired

That's it. I fired my one and only advertiser. It's just me, again.

Actually, it's always been me. This is and has always been a non-profit venture ... a labor of love. I do it because, well, you might say I do it for the same reason birds sing.

Google Ads did a couple of things to annoy me. First, they didn't pay. I guess it's the low-traffic deal. But also, instead of putting in ad content to match the interest reflected in the site (as they said they would), I got all sorts of things that I don't endorse out there.

The straw, if you will, was the nice little ad that succinctly inquired: "You gay?" To which I responded. "No. You gone."

So, it's just you and me again. No more advertisers and their ad dollars to cloud my judgment or pollute this pristine blog. Some day when I am a mega-blog-star, I will screen all of my own ads, you know, be the Paul Harvey or Rush of the blogosphere. Nothing but personal endorsements and such. But until then, we'll keep the money out of it.