Thursday, May 17, 2007

Friday Quick Hitters ...

I realize it's Thursday, but a lot is happening/has been happening, and there is just not enough time to do a lot of it justice.

So, I will dispense with the usual fluff and pretending to write a very erudite post about a particular subject and just offer the following pithy but sloppy generalizations about some of what is happening out there:

1) Our three soldiers are still missing in Iraq. I fear we may not see them again, although I certainly hope and pray that we do. Nonetheless, I am confident that we won't see them in a forthcoming video playing checkers with the enemy. My prayers are with them and their families.

2) The new immigration bill is bad. How bad? Well, Lindsay Graham likes it. Every Republican who votes for it should consider it a resignation letter. By the way ... Remember when we had a Republican Congress that prevented such a bill from going to the President's desk, and some people threw the bums out because it couldn't get any worse? Good thing we fixed that problem.

3) Jerry Falwell has died. Some hated him for his stand for Christ. Others hated him for his politics. Others still hated him for his encouragement to Christians to get involved in the political process. Me? I had no problem with any of the foregoing objections to his life and ministry. In fact, Jerry Falwell's life was an inspiration to me, on many levels. I see that some danced on a mock grave of his to celebrate his death. But such actions merely serve to prove the existence of the sin that Jerry Falwell spoke of so frankly. I remember that he also graciously spoke of the remedy for sin. He will be missed.

4) As for the Republican Debates ... I think it's high time we get all the real candidates in there, so that we can root out the non-conservatives more effectively. Of the three "main" candidates, Romney looks to be the best conservative alternative. But this isn't saying much. My choice remains Newt. I am liking what I see and read about Fred Thompson, but I saw that he had a Kerry moment ("for it before he was against it") with Campaign Finance "Reform". Hmmm. Prompts more investigation. Then again, any candidate who slaps down Michael Moore with a big ol' stogie hanging out of his mouth merits a second look.

5) Ron Paul's views on 9/11 and national security are, unfortunately, not a bad joke. Having him at the debates is, however. Rudy's smack-down of Paul was nice, but was it so hard? That's the biggest hanging curveball in a debate since, well, Mondale was doing those things.

6) And speaking of Rudy ... his unequivocal support of abortion rights, civil unions and such, without a corresponding federalism defense (i.e., that the states should be able to decide these matters without federal intervention or oversight) means that, in effect, his candidacy for the Republican nomination is DOA. I like Rudy Guiliani. I like him very much, in fact, and I think he would be great on national security. But I also think that other Republican candidates would be comparable on this issue, and they would not also cause so many cultural conservatives to compromise on that which which we need not and cannot compromise. Funny thing is ... if Roe v. Wade were overturned, as it should be, and abortion were returned to the province of state legislation, Rudy would have a great shot at becoming president. But the case he and other pro-choicers hold as sacrosanct will forever keep a pro-abortion Republican from becoming president.

And finally ...

7) My blog friend Karen has a great photoblog: Photos by Seawitch, which is up for one of the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards. So, Go vote for Karen. I did.

See you back early next week.