Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Speaking of Thinking ...

Okay, I usually don't play blogger games, but this time I will. A couple of blog friends tagged me as a "Thinking Blogger". I am honored to be mentioned by both Chrissie aka "Wild Thing" and my man Teach.

I mean, when you are causing the wild ones to think and the teachers, too, hey ...

I do thank them both, and commend their excellent blogs to your reading. Oh, I am very poor at this blog etiquette things (please don't say, "I know"), but I understand I am supposed to link to the original post, so here it is.

What else? Oh, yeah. I am supposed to list some other blogs that make me think. I haven't gotten around or out much lately, but I will give it a whirl. Some are "big boys and girls", so they probably won't play, but they are worthy of mention because they do make me think.

So here goes:

1) Sweetness & Light -- This blog is incredible, mixing news, amazingly pithy and humorous commentary, and biting, unapologetic conservatism. The combination is very thought-provoking and inspiring;

2) Big Lizards -- Using humor, The Big Liz grinds liberals arguments into a fine dust with thorough, well-reasoned essays ... some of the best think-writing on the web;

3) Riehl World View -- Dan Riehl challenges me with his ideas, work ethic and relentless pounding on the left. Dan synthesizes a lot of complex information in a way that persuades. And he is often blunt. For instane, he hasn't covered the AG story because he "refuses to pimp that garbage." Blunt, but it makes you think.

I would list ol' Charlie, because seeing him come in here and just take it, well, makes me think ... there are crazy people out there. Just joshin', Charles. I see that he has some new blogging digs. I think all that traffic after the last Leftist Howard Beale rant crashed the old site or something. Maybe he will light here for a moment and get some of that "six degrees of separation" deal going. All are welcome to exchange ideas here, and I enjoy it very much. It's all in good fun. It's free speech. I am conservative, so I believe in this stuff. No need to fear the truth.

4) Finally, I am going to list my liberal friend Julie. Julie challenges me occasionally (though mostly via the email), but she makes me think often. She does so without browbeating, but rather by being much different than most of her liberal friends. She engages in dialogue with conservatives, and she understands that who love freedom and America are not the enemy. Indeed, Julie loves freedom and America. She makes me think, but ... thinking's good, if you're right. Don't think I am going soft, folks.

Ahem ... It never hurts to examine the truth ... never. An honest evaluation by a free people is inherently a good thing. (Stepping down from soap box.)

Okay, time to run. There are thumb-sucking pieces to write, pontifications to be made, and post-modern leftists to drive mad.

Thank you all for reading, for your precious time, and for your passion for liberty and this great land.